The Value in Video Games

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The Value in Video Games Linda Garcia Devry University

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Value in Video Games “Your mom hates this game!” was the slogan for a third-person shooter game called Dead Space 2 released January 25, 2011. The big question is ‘why would your mom hate this game?’ Why do many people in general oppose playing video games? Although they are packed with a bunch of violence, many people neglect the positive qualities in video games. Are there any positive aspects about them? Video games are valuable, despite their minor flaws, because they help develop valuable mental skills, could be a source of exercise, and they help with communication skills. There are three main reasons that get parents and adults to react so negatively towards video games. Avery strong reason is because they are violent and “rot your brain” (Raise Smart Kid). With all the games about war, sex, crime, and violence that are coming out, it is natural for parents to be concerned about what their kids are playing. Parents need to take the initiative when it comes to choosing the games wisely for their children. For example, all of the games have an individual rating for certain age groups. If it is rated M for mature, then the buyer has to be at least seventeen with a California I.D. to buy the game. Game Advisor from Game Stop, Robert Lopez, says, “I always ask the buyer if they are alright with a game being rated M because most of the time parents don’t realize what they are buying for their children. They just have this go-getter mind set to where my child wants this game so I’m going to buy it for them.” So although there are many violent video games releasing, there are restrictions and precautions on young children getting a hold of these games. Another aspect that drives people to dislike video games is the amount of time played on the video game because it leads to a greater risk of harming a child’s physical health. Obesity is one of America’s main concerns and many blame video games because their children are not

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going outside and being active. Although playing video games may seem inactive, watching television is a major cause of obesity. “Researchers in the U.S. and Spain collaborated on the study of 111 children ages 3 to 8 and found that of all the forms of inactivity they examined, television-viewing was the worse.” (Park) If parents find it hard to take a controller out of a child’s hand to control the amount of time playing video games, imagine how much more difficult it would be to turn off the television. The final main concern parents have for their children when it comes to playing video games is the theory of their kids not being able to form meaningful relationships with others. The vision most parents fear for their child, who wastes a huge amount of time on video games, is watching them grow into a lonesome sloth that only eats, sleeps, and plays. For example, a former PTA member of several elementary schools, Darlene Garcia, mentions, “My son had a huge problem when he was younger and was addicted to video games. It was so bad that I tried to picture my son’s life without video games but I couldn’t. All I could think about was him being a 35-year-old still staying with me and playing those games all day and night. So I arrived to the point to where I thought enough is enough! He is obviously not going to give up the controller unless I make him give it up.” Although video games seem to destroy social skills, it can be prevented by taking action over the amount of time that is being played. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s video game habits and take advantage of the positive values in playing video games. Rather than video games being all harmful and not beneficial, there are many admirable things about video games that people in society are unaware of. One main admirable aspect of playing video games would be to...

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