The Valedictorian Speech

Topics: High school, Twelfth grade, Graduation Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Evan Wiebe
Valedictorian Speech
Good evening everyone; teachers, faculty, family, friends, and the Walkerville graduating class of 2008! Wow. This day arrived so quickly – this final high school farewell seemed so distant, but it snuck up on us before we knew it. School is tricky like that; one hour and fifteen minutes can feel as long as “”, while the end of the school year can come around as fast as “Brandon Holland running the 200 meter dash. The other three years went by quickly, but none accelerated as much as this final school year. And what an amazing time it has been, Walkerville – from grade nine to now, the experiences have been unforgettable, and small wonder, considering how incredible this school is and the amazing students that make up this graduating class. There is no other school like Walkerville. it is the best high school in Windsor Essex county. Walkerville is in its own class altogether - When I look at this graduating class, I see a group of outstanding young adults. I see so much respect, acceptance, and just all around an extremely classy group of guys and gals. The talent here, especially in this senior year is phenomenal. This senior student body is made up of simply amazing actors, athletes, artists, dancers, writers, photographers, singers, really smart people, and musicians. But at Walkerville, the talent never stops at one category. To just name a few, athletes take art and dance classes, dancers play bassoon, artists sing, musicians participate in extreme stunts such as the four man piggyback, swimmers play piano, businessmen play broomball, historians write toxic love poems, and if you’re a male dancer, then you’re a hero in general. Moreover, this graduating class is a stellar example of how extraordinary ability can be combined with good character and school spirit. This senior year has constantly shown love for their school, simply by getting involved in any way possible. Helping out at events such as frosh...
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