The Use of 360-Degree Feedback in Performance Appraisals

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The Use of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals

The focus of this essay will be “The Use of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals". My understanding of 360 degree feedback is that it gives employees feedback from the people they work around, including managers, peers, customers and even suppliers. It measures behaviours and competencies and provides feedback on how others perceive an employee it also addresses employers if employees are not up to scratch and if not what can be done to improve them.

From researching 360 degree feedback one can see what it is used for, one now can understand that 360 degree feedback is used to get full feedback for an employee by getting feedback from above, below and around the employee it can be a positive thing if carried out correctly it can help improve team work by seeing what other employees think and what the employee is doing wrong. It can also be a negative thing if the employee takes it the wrong way as they might think other employees don’t like them which could lead to a lot of dentition.

There are alot of advantages and disadvantages of using 360 degree feedback in performance appraisals. Some of the advantages are combined opinions which gives a well rounded view which can be more accurate, skills such as leadership, are best judged by people below a manger instead of above, also if there is a problem with an employee it can be difficult to ignore when expressed by a number of colleagues, it can help improve a company’s performance. While the disadvantages of using 360 degree feedback in performance appraisal first of all its time consuming and costly, the technique is often restricted to management levels, results can often be destroyed by organisational politics or culture, 360 degree feedback can be destructive unless handled carefully and sensitively, it can also generate an environment of suspicion unless managed openly. These are just a number of advantages and disadvantages which go along with 360 degree feedback.

This essay will focus on the advantages given to businesses from the use of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals it will show how companies can improve their performance by using 360 degrees feedback. It will also show how 360 degree feedback can go wrong and have a negative effect on companies by making employees being paranoid if not carried out correctly.

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The key to successful business is talented staff members which can lead a business to high profits this is why companies use 360 degree feedback to find those employees in a company and reward them by promotion or bonus to keep these talented employees in there company. “We have been gathering information on our financial and service performance since day one, says Michael Weinholtz, CHG president and CEO. But we knew that overall business success is an outcome of more than just operational performance. We are a business that is based on people. Our ability to attract, motivate, manage, and retain talented employees is key to the company’s bottom line, and we knew that we needed a way to measure those factors. CHG discovered that 360-degree feedback provided an effective way to measure individual strengths and areas for development. Coupled with regular employee engagement surveys, this overall feedback offered some enlightening information.” Maylett, T. M., & Riboldi, J. (2007). Using 360° Feedback to Predict Performance. Training + Development, September, 48–52. This shows us how 360 degree feedback is a very key tool to a business if carried out right it can find key employees in a business and make sure they are rewarded for there hard work. This is a great advantage to business in a competitive market.

Smither et al. (2005) suggest, "We therefore think that it is time for researchers and practitioners to ask, 'Under what conditions and for whom is multisource feedback likely to be beneficial?' (rather than asking 'Does...
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