How to Use so Called 360-Degree Performance Appraisals for Improving Job Performance?

Topics: 360-degree feedback, Better, Performance appraisal Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: October 5, 2012
How to use so called 360-degree Performance Appraisals for improving job performance?

Performance appraisals are essential for the effective management and evaluation of employees. The 360-degree feedback is one of the applications of performance management. As it is mentioned in the textbook, “The 360-degree feedback approach involves collecting performance information not just from the supervisor but from anyone else who might have firsthand knowledge about the employee’s performance behaviors.” Typically, these other sources of information about the employee’s performance come from his peers, subordinates, and customers.

To conduct the 360-degree feedback, firms need to use evaluations from different portions of that involved in their business. First of all, it is important to collect assessments of an employee from his peers. In this part, employees are required to review for each other that are at the same level. Employees who are co-workers know each other’s ability better than anyone else from different levels in their company. In order to get reliable evaluations, peer reviews require all participants to be objective to others. By conducting this peer-to-peer employee performance evaluation, employees will not only enhance their self-development from peer reviews, but also learn how to give objective assessments to their peers. In this way, they tend to perform better in their future work.

Secondly, it is necessary to conducting the down-to-the top evaluation, which means to ask an employee’s subordinates to give assessments on their leader. This method is common and trustworthy, for it collect evaluations of an employee from a different level of the firm. To have a better evaluation, the subordinates that are picked to finish this evaluation should work close with the employee, knowing his strength as well as weakness. The down-to-the top evaluation will provide a chance to employees from the upper levels of the company to have an objective and...
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