The US political system

The US Political System
In 2012 election there were 243,155 total ballots were mailed out in Clark County and only 194,306 ballots were received back. Many young people do not know the specifics of the law that govern voting in their own jurisdiction. Many people don’t take the time to get to know our political system down to the core. What knowledge and skills must a citizen know to be apart of our political system? Things one must know and be educated on are, knowing the difference between the major political parties of the United States, where to go to register to vote and how to vote, and last but not least you must have a good understanding about the constitution and the laws it self. The majority of the people in our political system have a large variety of knowledge and skills. One must be educated about the major political parties of the United States. Some of the major political parties are the Democratic party, Republican party, and the “Big Three” third parties which are the Constitution party, the Green party, and the Libertarian party. The “Big Three” are some of the smaller ones but the most important and well-known ones are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, which one must be educated on. Not only must you be educated on all of these parties, but also you must know their different roles they play and also their beliefs and opinions. The Democratic Party is on the far left side of the spectrum and they generally believe that it is the governments responsibility tot take care of all the individuals, they also believe that the government should guide business decisions. On the other side of it Republicans are on the far right side of the spectrum and they believe that each individual is responsible for his or her own self and their place in society, and also that free enterprise brought economic growth and innovations that made the county the way it is. The libertarian party is more towards the right side believing that the

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