The Urbanization

Topics: Canada, Household income in the United States, World population Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: January 5, 2013


Summer 2010

Instructor: A. Walks

Stability and Change in the Canadian Urban Systems

August 11, 2010

The Canadian urban system is a dynamic and an ever changing system that has shown significant changes and evolved remarkably over the last few decades. These changes are measured by analyzing the geographical trends in population and income. In the following essay, date from Statistics Canada and Census Canada have been used to examine the changes and patterns in various population growth and relative income levels of selected Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) overtime. Also, it is significant to understand the factors influencing geographical population trends within Canadian CMAs and analyze migrational trends within the Canadian metropolitan system (Walks 2010). Table 1 shows the proportion of Canada’s population found within selected CMAs for average household income. The larger CMAs, for example, Calgary and Toronto are shown to have a population earning higher than average Canadian income. Growth patterns for particular CMAs can be determined from Table 2 which illustrates population growth for selected CMAs. From the second column titled Net Internal Migration (NIM), Calgary, Oshawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Kitchener displayed significant growth over the study period 1996-2001. On the other hand, the same column shows that Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Chicoutimi-Jonquiere, Saint John, and Trois-Rivieres grew the slowest. Therefore, tremendous growth is seen in the southern parts of three provinces: Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Also, CMAs located in the Windsor-Quebec corridor also show significant growth. Alternatively, significant decline is also observed mainly in Sothern Ontario, in parts of Quebec, and in Atlantic Canada. The geography of income is similar to the patterns of population growth. As seen in Figure 1, concentrations of high income...

References: Statistics Canada, Census of Canada, various years.
Walks A. Lectures: GGR 207 Cities, Urbanization, and Urban Development. University of Toronto at Mississauga (2010).
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