The Unsolved Murder

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The Unsolved Murders

In the novel The Secrets of The Unadilla, by Richard Sullivan,

one of the characters name, Pelican Stride, is the most mysterious

character in the book whose true sides are revealed as the book

unfolds. In the beginning of the novel, Pelican’s true appearance is

just a horrible boss who thinks the workers are his own property

and for that he treats them with no consideration. As the book

develops throughout the last two chapters, Pelican is met for the

first time, along the information about him and his background is

revealed. Pelican’s secrets are ultimately unveiled at the end of the

book. To Pelican Stride he thinks he played the game pretty well

but deep down inside he’s just a pathetic man who has nothing to

live for.

At the start of the novel, Pelican is seen as a Newspaper

owner named, The National Informers, who loves to eat Chinese

food and fires his employees whenever he feels like. Pelican is very

mysterious because he always remains in his office or his house no

one ever seen him anywhere else, and is not actually met until the

last two chapter of the book. As the book progresses, Pelican is

eventually met and information is revealed about his background.

Pelican was very rude, careless, and selfish, who thinks everybody

but his mother deserved to die because they are just on his way.

When Pelican used to live at The Unadilla Apartments building his

name was Zaboo. Back then he committed a crime, he pushed a

woman name Eleanor Eddowes out of her apartment window

because he thought the women was the reason why his uncle

made his mother cry so much. So, he made an end at his mother’s

sufferance. After more than thirty five years he received a letter

from an unknown person but, the letter was for Robert Knight, the

reporter he handed the story to and asked to. To Pelican, that was

a challenge he knew that knight wasn’t going to be able ou to solve

the mystery. Knight now lives in The Unadilla and several people

who were around in the 1930s may be suspects. “As Robert gets

close to discovering the truth, he comes even closer to becoming a

victim himself.”(

As Robert Knight investigation begins, he found out that

Eleanor Eddowes was push from the apartment window he lives in.

He interviewed everyone in the building but no one could tell him

what happened that day or who killed Eleanor. Two people he

interviewed got killed, one name Carrie Robeson and the other

Alma Finn. He didn’t know the reason they got killed but as the

reader I know they got killed because they were the only two

tenants who knew what happened and were willing to come

forward. After all the murder of Eleanor Eddowes remain unsolved

and Robert knight gave up the investigation because it was a dead


Thereafter, Pelican stride was sitting in his office thinking

about what he has done. He was explaining how he killed Eleanor,

“he remember knocking on her door, going inside her apartment,

then kicking some of her furniture with his shoe so that he ruin it.

He punched her in the chest! Then he pushed her out the window.

He kept in mind that it was easy to kill.”(Sullivan, 225) Pelican is a

psychopath. When he threw Carrie Robeson down the stairs he said

was doing her a favor and he did the same for Alma Finn, he

pushed her out of her apartment window. After more than thirty

five years he was sitting in his office feeling proud that no one

could solve the murder and give justice to three ladies that he

killed. He also said it would have been good to have some


To conclude reading this book as been a great experience it

was like being in a movie theater watching a movie. A lot of

suspense took place but the murder ended up unsolved. Pelican

Stride was a good criminal. He was the type of...

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