Short Story- Murder Mystery

Topics: Paulding Light, The Edge, Upper Peninsula of Michigan Pages: 4 (1603 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Madison Ison Short Story 1st hour Creative Writing Beef jerky, Doritos, Monster energy drinks, and Chex mix. Grabbing everything off of the shelves that looks appetizing. Proceeding to the checkout we see a brochure on the Paulding Light, facts and stories about the alluring mystery. All of us get even more excited than we already are. As we all pile in the car to begin our adventure, Friday by Rebecca Black comes on. We all laugh hysterically and obnoxiously sing along. Pulling out of the BP station we head left as the GPS on our phone says to do so; comically Zarda mocks the woman’s voice from the backseat. I said “Nice chick impression Zards”, “Wait he was doing an impression?” remarked Jon. The two boys begin to banter and playfully fight as usual. I can’t help but think this will be a long and interesting drive. I check the GPS to see how long until we get there; about an hour and a half. Lizzie hooks her IPod up to the radio, ecstatic about the playlist she specially made for our adventure. We all sing along and pass the time. “Quick pull into the there!” yells Ashley. We all pile out of the Subaru to a trail that leads to a rickety bridge towering over a raging river. “I used to come here with my mom in the summer and walk the trails!” Lizzie stated. We all make our way to the middle in pairs. None of us dare to get too close to the edge at first. Ashley gets brave right away and begins climbing on the edge to sit. “Hey crazy, get down!” gasps Zarda. I feel some of the courage emanating from Ashley, and begin stepping towards the edge. I look over the side. Just as I begin to relax I fly forward, and my heart beats rapidly as if it’s about to beat out of my chest. I suddenly fly backwards and Jon is laughing. I soon realize that he grabbed my arms and rattled me. “Jonathan Konz don’t you do that again!” I exclaimed. Every one slowly backs away from Jon in fear they

will be next to experience the adrenaline rush. As Zarda runs away down the twisting...
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