The Unexpected Guest

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The unexpected guest

Besides my father and mother, there are my elder brother Gerald, my younger brother Kenny and my younger sister Rita. Gerald is a seaman, and he is away from home most of the time. I remember his stories about his voyages around the world, and the many fascinating things which he has seen on his long journeys. When Gerald's twenty-first birthday drew near, both Mother and Father decided to organize a birthday party. We did not have much to spend but we knew that Gerald would be delighted with whatever we could raise. We also decided to give Gerald surprise and vowed that we would not tell him about the proposed party until the last minute. Gerald walked in and out of the house ignorant of what we were preparing. Rita helped mother bake a cake for Gerald while Kenny cleared the house and arranged furniture. Mother promised to give me some money to add to what I had in my savings box so that I could give Gerald something worthwhile. Rita, however, refused to let us know what she intended to buy. When the big day came, we all persuaded Gerald to go and see a film so that we could surprise him on his return. He was surprised by our unusual insistence but he complied. Perhaps he knew all along that we were planning something for him. All of us dressed up for the occasion and waited downstairs for his arrival. Father estimated that if Gerald came straight home after the cinema, he ought to be home any time then. Sure enough, we heard a knock on the door. Rita ran forward and flung it open and as she did, we all shouted "Happy Birthday, Gerry". To our great surprise, the man standing at the door was not Gerald but some stranger. He could have been a policeman; he could have been a lost traveler, and he could even have been a robber. He looked embarrassed. He apologized for the intrusion and said he had no idea about our party. He also stated that he was looking for a certain Gerald D'Souza. Father went out...
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