The Unabomber

Topics: Theodore Kaczynski, Supermax, David Kaczynski Pages: 3 (1117 words) Published: August 22, 2010
Gabriel Collado
Mr. Boruch
Criminal Justice
April 24, 2010
The Unabomber
Ted Kaczynski is considered to be an evil mastermind who killed not for sadistic pleasure, but for a physiological cause. I chose this case, because I wanted to understand, why and how the minds geniuses becomes corrupt and forces them to act in an aggressive psychopathic manner. Kaczynski was born in Chicago Illinois, in 1942. His childhood has very disturbing details. When he was 9 months old, Kaczynski was hospitalized with a sever skin rash called Urticaria. No visitors were allowed, and little Ted was isolated for six months, where he laid in bed away from human contact. His mother testifies that Ted was never the same after that time in his life. He became very shy and reacted very strange around others. At the age of 10, he scored a 167 on an IQ test. Considering genius levels begin at 140 and above, Kaczynski was at a whole new level even at a young age. He was then allowed to skip a grade. There he was bullied by other children. He became afraid of people, and buildings, and grew into a loner isolated from others. In 1958, Ted Kaczynski enrolled at Harvard University at the age of 16. There he volunteered in a physiological experiment (mind control) where became a subject. Dr. Henry Murray was in charge of the experiment, sponsored by the CIA. The objective of the experiment was to see their emotional strengths. Their heart rates were measured, and so were their breathing. Ted graduated from Harvard in 1962, and enrolled in the University of Michigan to earn a PHD. In the late 1967, the University of California- Berkeley, recruited Kaczynski as an assistant professor. Two years later, he all of a sudden resigned from his position in 1969, and in 1971, he began to live with his parents in Illinois. Two years later, he moved again to live in a cabin in the wilderness of Lincoln, Montana. There he survived on 300 dollars a year in a cabin with no electricity, or running water....

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The Unabomber
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