the ultimate dictator

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AMH 1020
The Ultimate Dictator
I am Hitler to the evil and the Apostle Paul to the good. My first task as ultimate dictator is to separate good from evil. I have enlisted a group of the smartest people I know to lead this expedition. Mr. Tamayo leads them and the first objective to the task is to cast out anyone who has recently committed a crime from a long list of crimes we deem evil. and send them to a far away deserted land where resources are hard to obtain and escape is impossible to achieve. Each crime will carry a sentence according to a jury directly affected or related to the victims in said crime. Criminals will have to face the victims and their families to answer for the pain and suffering they may have caused them. A judge will simply oversee the Trail and do the will of the people. Every prisoner will be given the option of going away or being put to death in a humane and painless fashion. The second directive on my agenda will be to get rid of the federal government, as we know it. I would create a board of well respected an honest scholars to give advice on justice, economic issues that may arise and distribution of wealth and healthcare. This panel will be at least a ten-year term. Every citizen of the world would have equal rights. I will appoint a governor to every country and he will appoint the citizens of his region a job. Everyone will be held accountable for there actions. No one other than myself will be above the law. Good will prevail in this land and it shall be rewarded. If you are in any way not conducting yourself in a righteous manner you will be warned and possibly fined. Mischievous activity by anyone will not be tolerated; you will be fined and or sent to a concentration camp in a far away land. The third directive would be to impairment one religion for all. You must submit to my Almighty God. Everyone will spend a considerable amount of time studying the Bible. All citizens need to recite...
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