The Types of Drugs in the World

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The Types of Drugs in the World


There are many types of drugs in the World today. Some are Legal and others are Illegal. A drug is a substance which can affect the way your mind and body works.

There are a lot of illegal drugs which are highly addictive e.g. cannabis, cocaine, speeds, LSD and heroin. These types of drugs are very dangerous and can kill.

Legal drugs can be prescribed by your doctor if necessary. These drugs can be can be used to cure illnesses. Most of the drugs which are legal are mild and might give you some drowsiness.

All types of drugs come from chemicals in the roots, seeds, bark, leaves and juices of a plant.

Antibiotics are drugs which can kill the bacteria from your body. Bacteria are the largest germs.



What it looks like/How it's taken

* It is illegal to sell alcohol to under-18s (unless they're 16 or 17 and having a meal in a restaurant).

* Police will soon have legal powers to confiscate alcohol from under-18s drinking in public. Where there's a local bye-law, they can already do this.

* Alcoholic drinks come in different strengths, measured as a percentage (%) by volume. The higher the percentage marked on the label the stronger the drink will be.

* Alcopops often contain more alcohol than many beers, lager or cider.

The Effects


* Many people enjoy drinking alcohol. In small amounts it can help them to relax and feel more sociable.

* Some people use alcohol to escape from their problems.

* The effect depends on the strength of the drink and how fast it is consumed.

* It also varies according to when a person last ate, and their weight, mood and surroundings.

* Speech can become slurred, co-ordination affected and emotions heightened.

* A hangover (the after-effects of alcohol) can leave you feeling ill for a day or so.

The Risks

* Alcohol is a depressant drug. Users can end up feeling very down.

* Women get drunk than men on the same amount of alcohol. They can also develop drink-related health problems earlier.

* Overdose (drinking far too much) can lead to loss of
consciousness. Users then risk choking on their own vomit. This can kill.

* Overdose can also cause alcoholic poisoning, which can be fatal.

* Long-term over-use can lead to serious liver, heart and stomach problems.

* More than 25,000 deaths in the UK each year are alcohol-related.

* Mixing alcohol with other drugs is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS.



These are names which are used for Cannabis marijuana, draw, blow, weed, puff, shit, hash, and ganja.

What it looks like/How it's taken

* Cannabis is derived from a plant called cannabis sativa.

* It comes in a solid, dark lump known as 'resin' or as leaves, stalks and seeds called 'grass', or as a sticky oil.

* It can be rolled with tobacco in a spiff or joint, smoked on its own in a special pipe, or eaten.

* There are different strengths of cannabis - some (e.g. skunk) are very strong.

* Cannabis is a Class B drug (but Class A penalties can apply to cannabis oil).

The Effects

* Getting 'stoned' on cannabis makes most users relaxed and

* It heightens the senses, especially when it comes to colors, taste and music.

* Cooking and eating hash makes the effects more intense and harder to control.

* It can leave people feeling tired and lacking energy.

* Hash may bring on cravings for certain foods.

The Risks

* Affects short term memory and ability to concentrate.

* Getting stoned affects co-ordination, increasing the risk of accidents.

* It impairs driving skills, so never get in a car with someone who is stoned.

* It can make users paranoid and anxious, depending on their mood and situation.

* Smoking joints with tobacco can lead to getting hooked on

* Smoking cannabis over a long period of tine may increase the risk of respiratory orders, including lung cancer.

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