Hallucinogenic Drugs

Topics: Psychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants, Psychedelic drug, Drug Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Hallucinogenic Effect
In modern society, hallucinogenic drugs are said to be deadly and dangerous by most communities, but through research people may completely alter their beliefs. In reality, most hallucinogenic drugs are only deadly when abused, and that is the reason why so many of these drugs get outlawed in countless of countries. Some people claim to have the most memorable and amazing experiences with these drugs; which have not been proven to be chemically addictive. The question to many still persists: are these drugs dangerous in any way? Nothing can be more mysterious and unclear than resembling the causes and effects of hallucinogenic drugs.

What causes the use of these hallucinogens? Unfortunately these drugs are usually used for the wrong reasons. According to recent studies, drugs are a huge part of the high school “culture”. This has been proven through current demographics. Most schools have an estimate of 35% students smoking marijuana. A common definition for marijuana is, “The stepping stone drug to other drugs,” or the, ” gateway to other drugs”. Not necessarily for all people, but for many. Many teens try hallucinogenic drugs such as LCD and “magic” mushrooms after trying the less potent drugs. If they enjoy the effects, they keep doing them. Some do it just because they want to experience something extraordinary that can’t be achieved any other way. Although it may sound odd, the reasons why some people do these drugs are unbelievable. In modern day society, some hallucinogens actually have the power to treat many physical and psychological problems. Nonetheless, using these drugs still has some risks and negative side effects.

These drugs have a numerous amount of dangerous psychological effects towards the body and mind, the negative effects of hallucinogens occur with heavy use. People with a history of hallucinogens can be driving and randomly hallucinate a person in the middle of a road causing them to drive off a cliff. This...
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