The True Essence of Christmas

Topics: Christmas controversy, Holiday greetings, Happiness Pages: 3 (495 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Gift to audience: "One starry night just before Christmas, a gift wrapper, ribbon, card and box were sitting beside the fireplace and a gift joined them.” Said Gift

Gift sits beside other characters.

Ribbon suddenly stands up.

Ribbon to characters: "Christmas is only a few hours away from now, no one will notice us and as usual, we will end in the dumps." Ribbon to audience: Ribbon blurted out.

Gift wrapper stands up beside Ribbon.

Gift wrapper to characters: “I know right?”
Gift wrapper to audience: said Gift wrapper
Gift wrapper to characters: “We’re worthless! And now it’s worse because it’s Christmas, no one wants us.”

Box to characters: “Every gift gets its chance to be something for someone. Sadly, we’re not one of those gifts.” Box to audience: Box said sadly.

Box and Card joins Gift Wrapper and Ribbon and goes around Gift.

Card to characters: “Why are we so unlucky?”
Card to audience: Shouted Card

Gift wrapper to characters: Unlike this gift who's noticed
Gift Wrapper to audience: said Gift Wrapper
Box to characters: Unique
Box to audience: said Box
Card to characters: Lucky
Card to audience: said Card
Ribbon to characters: And loved!
Ribbon to audience: cried Ribbon

Gift stands up and other characters sit down.

Gift to characters: “Wait, wait! What’s wrong with you guys?” Gift to audience: Said Gift
Gift to characters: “Don’t you know that happiness is the spirit of Christmas?”

Card to characters: “How can we be happy if we feel worthless?” Card to audience: asked Card

Box to characters: “Anyway, it’s easy for you to say. People love and cherish you because you’re a gift.” Box to audience: said Box

Ribbon to characters: “And us? We feel that we’re just pieces of junk. People seldom notice us and they just throw us away.” Ribbon to audience: said Ribbon

Gift to characters: Every one of us if unique and we have our own special talents. And without you guys, Christmas and even I wouldn’t be...
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