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The Tree House by Ronald Frame: An Analysis

By MisaSairy Oct 14, 2012 451 Words

The story under discussion is called the tree house by Ronald Frame. He is a prize-winning novelist, short story writer and dramatist. He was educated in Glasgow, and at Oxford University. Unwritten Secrets[1], a novel and his fifteenth book of fiction, was published in 2010. The title of the story speaks for itself. The tree house is the main symbol of the story which describes the development of the character’s relations. It perfectly represents the main character’s friendship. It reflects the content of the text as the tree house plays a significant role in the story. The narrator tells the story from a first-person perspective in order to allow the reader to experience the events firsthand, to experience the main character’s feelings and emotions. One of the literary devices of the story is that it is practically all written as a flashback. This device also helps to integrate the character's drama with the development of the plot and contributes способствовать to the overall dramatic effect of the story. The text is mainly a narration and partly a dialogue between the characters. The text represents a narration about the childhood of the main character and his friendship with the girl Claire and another boy Alan. The story opens in a rather different manner. The story opens when the narrator looked at the window of the house and oversaw the man and the woman who were his childhood friends. But as we get to know later, now there is nothing common between them. So Claire and the narrator have already been friends when the narrator’s mother introduced Alan to them. They suddenly decided to build together the tree house. When this tree house was ready they began to spend a lot of time there. But suddenly Alan’s relation towards the narrator changed. It seems that he was jealous of Claire and his jealousy provoked his aggressive behavior. But soon the situation was out of control and Alan just pushed off the narrator from the tree house and continued to humiliate him. As a result their friendship was destroyed like their tree house. The author reveals particular features of the main characters directly and indirectly describes their personalities. The main characters are revealed in the story by the description of their behavior. So the protagonist of the story is the narrator and the antagonist is his friend Alan. The theme of the story touches upon the problem of trust, friendship, family resemblance, treachery. The main idea indicates that the children partly resemble their parents and take some traits from them.

To my mind the symbol of the story is the tree house as it reflects the main character’s friendship.

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