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Topics: Life, Place, Gone Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: January 29, 2014
The Price of Life
By Kierstin Palcek

Logline: Can the will to live outweigh the price it takes? This question plagues Mason Tucker as he wanders the in-between desperately looking for a way out. Make a deal with the devil, or move on?

Endlessly wandering this desolate forest, Mason Tucker makes a devastating realization. He is dead. Surrounding him are dozens of people, each with plain sunken in faces, wandering endlessly as well. He attempts to speak to them; however, they ignore his existence and continue their emotionless walking. Mason, 27, a writer, and a man losing time, has recently died of cancer and chose to live the last of his life in anger. He has gone from a creative charismatic man to a lost soul endlessly wandering in the place of unfinished business. When Mason comes to realize he is dead and stuck in this place, he decides he needs to find a way out. Mason is aware that the price of life won’t come easy and upon meeting Harry, the devil in disguise, he is eventually faced with a tough decision. Harry appears to Mason as an old man in his late seventies. Upon meeting, Mason realizes that Harry can talk to him and immediately fires off a million questions. The most important of all, how can he escape this place?

Harry wanders with Mason, listening to his stories about life, and reeling him into the idea of living again. He allows Mason to have life-like memories and experience them as if they were living through them again. Harry then poses a question; want to make a deal? Harry then goes into the proposition of granting him the wish to get out of this place. The only problem is there will be a consequence of this deal. Coming back to life is not an easy thing, nature demands balance and in order for him to come back, someone else has to die. This would be of no issue to Mason, had Harry not determined that it would be his wife, Sophia that would bite the bullet and Mason would never find love again. For a moment Mason pondered it,...
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