The Tooth Paste Industry in the Local Market of Mauritius

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Product differentiation Pages: 17 (4365 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Executive Summary
The report is about the market segmentation, targeting and positioning of the tooth paste industry in the local market of Mauritius. For a total population size of approximately 1, 2 million, toothpaste represents 80% of the market. This market is being shares which Colgate Palmolive which represents Colgate has 45% of the market share and the rest is being played among Aquafresh 20% and Blendax occupies 14% of the market share. 21 % of the toothpaste market shares are occupied by Signal, Close up, Casino and other make of toothpaste. Nowadays to be able to survive in this fierce competition world, firms need to satisfy the needs of its potential customers, hence keeping the existing and gaining new ones. For this to be possible marketers need to segment the market by the identification of portions of the market that are different from one another. This concept is call for the better understanding of the customers, their behaviors, and way to satisfy better their need. Eventually different customers have different needs and it is nearly impossible to satisfy all the customers by treating then alike. For a practical segmentation the following criteria must be examined thoroughly: Identifiable that is identify and measure the different attributes of the segments, secondly Accessibility where the segments must be reachable through communication and distribution channels, thirdly the segments should be sufficiently large to justify the resources required to target them, moreover to justify separate offerings, the segment must respond differently to the different marketing mixes. Finally, the segment should be relatively stable to minimize the cost of frequent charges. After the segmentation principle, the consumer market has been segmented into the geographic, demographic, psychographic and the behavioralistic factors. The magnetism of the segments is also depending on other significant aspects. In the core activity of defining a target market, four sub activities are given which are the bases for deciding on which segments will actually be targeted. One is targeting the youngsters; the other one is targeting the women whilst another one has a niche market targeting a particular group of people. When the list of target markets is made, a company might want to start on deciding on a good marketing mix directly. But an important step before developing the marketing mix is deciding on how to create an identity or image of the product in the mind of the customer. Every segment is different from the others, so different customers with different ideas of what they expect from the product. In the process is known as positioning. It has been seen that the actual and the intended positioning of the selected

toothpastes were not the same. It was expected to have a very good positioning in the market but there were still efforts to be done. In the light of repositioning the selected toothpaste, a market targeting analysis and the market positioning analysis must be done. The following strategy must also take into consideration, the future attractiveness and need of the target market and the relative strength and weakness of its competitors. Differentiation and repositioning strategies must also be identified and work upon for example identifying a

set of possible customer value differences that provide competitive advantages upon which to build the new position, Much emphasis must also be given on the selection of the right competitive advantages, while selecting an overall positioning strategy and a developing a new position statement. To conclude, an effective communication must be used to send marketing messages to potential consumers. It can be a customer/salesperson relationship, or impersonal such as billboard or outdoor advertising or any other form of mass communication where there is no personal contact. It is important to promote the company’s existing brand and market image, its key areas of...
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