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The Tide Rises, The tide Falls

By sseulchan Jan 04, 2014 780 Words
Name: Jesseli Anne Gutierrez
Agustin Gutierrez Memorial Academy

I. Introduction
A. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls
B. Henry Wadsworth
C. There was a tide that time when a traveller chose to go along the shore and suddenly died. That just explained that life continues after death. D. In the poem “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”, Henry Wadsworth, the author uses alliteration in almost every verse of the poem. He also uses imagery as he described the footprints that remained in the shore. He also uses personification to have deeper explanation for the specific cited example.

II. Theme & Mood
A. The theme of the poem is that life is a cycle that continues no matter what happens. B. Henry Wadsworth uses literary devices to express his poem and make the audience a bit challenge in understanding the poem. Nevertheless, he has a great way of making the poem and delivered it well. He used imagery that created the mood and the title itself about tides and that the setting really explained the theme. C. One of the examples is the line “footprints that efface in the sand”. He used this line to make it more effective and clearer to the audience and readers that some memories will be gone.

III. Figurative Language and Poetic Devices
A. The author used rhyme and repetition on his poem. It was pretty effective that he used these kinds of poetic device to attract the readers to read and analyze his poem. B. I read an analysis of this poem in the internet and she said that she was a bit confused why Henry kept on repeating the line “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”. I stopped for a minute and told myself “Yeah. Why?”. And we had the same thoughts as the analyst was. The analyst and I thought that Henry was just reminding us that life is a cycle that repeatedly keeps turning no matter what. And now I thought, as I analyzed the poem, Henry has his own originality that keeps the readers think about it at first and then thought that “Yeah, it is true” and for me, Henry has this factor that made us adore his poem. C. Alliteration is another poetic device that Henry Wadsworth used in his poem. How did he use it? He used that kind of device to add impact to his poem. Plus it can keep the variability of the poem. D. Some specific examples for this are “curlew calls”, “sea-sands”, “steeds in their stalls”, and “towards the town”.

IV. The poem simply explains that life goes on and that life is eternity. Yes, it is true that there will come the time that we are going to die. Our precious lives were just lent by our Almighty God. But then, let me first to discuss about death. What is death? Most of us think that, for example a man died and that he will never come back. Of course, most of us also experience too much grief. After death, most people thought that they will be gone forever. But death is not just about that. Yet, after death is just another stage or another path that a man is going to take. There, he can get his peace that anyone wishes to have. There, he can be able to watch and see us. And will live as free as the birds in the sky. Meaning to say, the author simple reminded us that life is a continuous and endless path that one is going to take.

V. Conclusion

A. In the poem “The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls”, Henry Wadsworth, the author uses alliteration in almost every verse of the poem. He also uses imagery as he described the footprints that remained in the shore. He also uses personification to have deeper explanation for the specific cited example. In addition to that, he also used repetition to show that life is truly a cycle. B. Mood, theme, figurative language and poetic devices are very effective in structure of a poem. Aside from adding impact or what they call “plus factor”, it has very meaningful thought that the author can express by using these factors. The author used the setting to describe the theme and mood of the poem. How? The setting of the poem is generally on the sea shore. As the traveler walks along it, he has remarked his footprints there. It is true that the traveler won’t come back anymore. Figurative languages attract the readers to continue reading the poem. And poetic devices can contribute to the uniqueness of the writer’s ability in expressing or delivering a poem.

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