The Three Famous Scenic Unesco Yellow Card Warning Will Be Removed from This?

Topics: Earth, Cultural heritage, World Heritage Site Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: February 25, 2013
On the afternoon of May 1, the World Natural Heritage of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Wulingyuan Scenic Zone usher in thunderstorms, Tianzishan wonders of scenic spots in the rain, a large area of the sea of clouds, especially fairy flowers Yubi peak, West attractions Yunhai staggering, so tourists from home and abroad and Photography enthusiasts revel meantime, the openers. Deng reason photo (Xinhua survey they will be removed from this?

- Zhangjiajie, Lushan, Wudalianchi by UNESCO yellow card incident investigation UNESCO in the 9th to give China's three famous scenic Hunan Zhangjiajie, Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi and Heilongjiang Wudalianchi yellow card, and urge the rectification of the three in the scientific knowledge to the public science Earth '. Incident triggered a strong reaction, a yellow card behind What are the issues? Xinhua News Agency reporters Zai She and Shi Sandi investigation. Renzhang admit, develop corrective measures

Been a yellow card, Zhangjiajie, the Lushan and Wudalianchi related aspects to respond, on the one hand Renzhang admit, on the one hand, began to develop corrective measures. - Gao Jianguo, Secretary of the the Zhangjiajie City Land Resources Bureau, Zhangjiajie World Geopark flagship piece of hard-won, as World Geoparks Network members, strengthen the construction of the world geological park management and maintenance use not shirk its responsibility and obligations. The yellow card that to Zhangjiajie still there is a gap in the propaganda of scientific knowledge, the need to further improve. Zhangjiajie active rectification existing deficiencies in the establishment of the logo signs, to establish a museum, the work put in place. , Zhangjiajie Land and Resources Bureau has been updated from the World Geopark Logo, popularization of science textbooks published environmental education project to carry out the cave Environmental Protection, to increase tour guide training in ten areas initial rectification of planning, and the...
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