The Three Basic Orientations to Conflict

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In this report, I am going to explain the three basic orientations to conflict. They are Lose-Lose, Win-Lose, and Win-Win. Lose-Lose: In this orientation, people try to avoid conflict, The conflict is negative. We may not express our own needs or rights, and we are unable to be honest when giving our feedback. Win-Lose: In this orientation, the disagreements are battles. The person who loses may feel the need to get even. Each person tries to prove their point, and out-weigh the other Win-Win: In this orientation, everyone is committed to find a solution. They are committed to the satisfaction of each other. Each person openly expresses their feelings and they come to an agreement. I had a conflict with my neighbors’ recently. Last week the man asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner. I said sure. So we discussed a time and I thought that was that. I had already had some chicken taken out of the freezer, so I put it back in there. Well, when the time came to go over there for dinner, the woman said that he must of forgotten that it was their anniversary. So, she said next week we would have dinner together and that she was sorry. So, I was upset just because I had already pulled the chicken out, then I put it back in the freezer. I ended up going to my sisters’ house around the corner for dinner that evening. This is an example of a Win-Win orientation.  

Interpersonal Communication; Everyday Encounters; Julia T. Wood

References: Interpersonal Communication; Everyday Encounters; Julia T. Wood
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