The Threats to the Environment

Topics: Wind power, Fossil fuel, Alternative energy Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Green earth, clean earth
23 April 2010
Our land is in trouble it needs your help, 
So are the oceans, the coral, the kelp. 
There must be a way for all to unite, 
To stop the earth from a disastrous fright. 
We can't leave this world a barren waste land, 
But luscious and fertile, as many creatures as there are sand.  We're destroying our jungles, our forests our beaches, 
Taking away what is the earth's like billions of leeches. a
Few natural habitats are left on this globe, 
All are scattered like the rays of  strobe. 
We welcome you to an endangered land, 
To show you how animals dwindle like an hour glass's sand.  Only you can help save earth, 
And hopefully, with care give it a rebirth. 
Pollution, deforestation and extinction of various species are some of the serious problems endangering earth. Although its late but some efforts can lessen the problem if not totally eradicate it, as every bit counts.   Of all these, pollution needs our utmost attention. Farmers should use more of biodegradable waste as fertilizers instead of chemicals. The garbage dumps need to be cleared to prevent soil contamination thereby yielding better crops. Everybody has the right to live. To make this planet a better place for animals enough national parks should be built, where they can survive in peace. Steps should also be taken towards afforestation. We should get into the habit of using recycled paper and eco-friendly objects and mustn't waste paper. We have created this problem and now it's up to us find a solution to it.  Each one of us can make some contribution to save our Planet Earth from the apocalyptic global warming. Man needs to think reasonably before using the available resources just to flaunt his wealth. Instead of fast depleting petroleum, technology should focus on ecofriendly fuel so that vehicles can use a freely available source like solar energy. More trees should be planted so that the balance of nature is not disturbed.  Let's wake up...
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