The Texas Revolution

Topics: Antonio López de Santa Anna, Texas Revolution, Texas Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: December 8, 2010
The Texas Revolution
By Jessica Bouillon
Texas History

The Texas Revolution was a key point in our nation’s history and in the history of the state of Texas. For, if Texas had not revolted the way that they did, it would probably not have become a state. There are many causes that are speculated on why Texas revolted whether they are political disputes against the Centralist party in Mexico that had primary control at the time of the Revolution. These and more will be explored. Also, there are key battles in the Texas Revolution that decided the final fate of Texas, none more famous than the famous Battle of San Jacinto and The Alamo. The most popular, speculated cause of the Texas Revolution is that Texas was following in the footsteps of America. Most people think that Texas was fighting out of extreme displeasure with an intolerable, tyrannical, and undemocratic government like the Americans fought against the autocratic British. Most people think that Texas fought against Mexico because of the abolishment of the Constitution of 1824. “The Constitution of 1824, the first of the newly independent Republic of Mexico, was the document under which DeWitt Colonists were invited to emigrate to the Republic, was the one under which they assumed they were protected and the one they swore to defend.  It evolved out of the acta constitucional authored by northeastern Mexican statesman, José Miguel Ramos Arispe” ( With the abolishment of the Constitution of 1824 by the Centralist PARTY IN Mexico, tensions between Mexico and Texas quickly rose. Of course, there are always “conspiracy theories”, one of which holds the belief that the slaveholders wanted control of Texas which would have turned a great profit. The slave trade going on throughout the world at the time of the Revolution was a very successful, and profitable business to be involved in. if the slaveholders had gotten a hold of Texas, Texas would [probably have become on e...

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