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The Synopsis of Raise Your Voice

By Rlumenta1 Sep 06, 2013 614 Words
The Synopsis of movie
Name: Robby Lumenta
Teacher: Mr. John Billy
Author: Kathryn Lasky
Movie title: Raise Your Voice

In one occasion, Hillary Duff rolled as Terry Fletcher who was a talented singer, got a chance to join the music class from one of the best music school in Los Angeles. She got a scholarship after her brother, Paul, sent a video to that music school. Paul made a great short documentary video about terry. But before he knew, he died accidentally in car crashed while paul and terry were going home from the concert. Terry and a whole family were very upset with that tragedy. Terry felt guilty. She was going to cancel to attend the program ,but her mom and her aunty encouraged her to go until she wanted. One more problem came from her father who didn’t allow her to go. To avoid it, Terry and her aunty were forced lying to Terry’s father and they did it. They said to terry’s father that terry wanted to spend her summer in her aunty’s house. This trick was known by her mother. It was the first time for terry to come to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she lost her jacket and got a bad taxi driver. She directly went to the school’s dorm and got the dorm’s door locked but Jay who was the senior in that school opened it and terry could come in. Denise was terry’s dormmate. At the first look, denise looked unfriendly. She looked as though she hated having a doormate but actually, she wasn’t. Terry and Denise became friends. In the school, Terry and Jay were falling over each others and became a good couple. They wrote a song together and finished it for the final jam. Suddenly, a problem came from Jay’s ex-girlfriend, Robin. Robin who was jealous to Terry, trapped Jay and kissed him in front of Terry. Terry ran off teary and Jay asked for apologie. Ignoring jay’s apologie, Jay made himself drunk and finally terry accepted his apologie. Terry got another problem when her father wanted to see her but it didn’t matter because terry could come on time to her aunt’s house. In spite of her bad luck, she made a great deal about music. Her teacher was very impressed to her and terry could have a chance to perform solo in final jam after Robin. The most difficult thing to forget was the car crashed accident which was the end of paul’s life. Terry always got memorized when she was on the stage and hit by the light. And she also got memorized after she had watched the video that was made by her brother, Paul. Trying to forget it, she made it in the final jam. In the last day it meant the final jam. Terry’s father knew that he was lied by his wife, daughter, and sister in law. He directly went to Los Angeles. In Terry’s dorm, He packed all terry’s belongings which was seen by terry. Terry was very shock and she got orderred to go home by now. Her father insisted it but Terry begged to finish what she had started, at least just the final perform. She got to perform and she did it great. Everyone was enjoying it while she was performing a song “I Won’t Give Up” and also, her father got impressed very much. The scholarship went to Denise who was terry’s dormmate which was about $10.000. Terry wasn’t upset but she was happy after finishing this. Her father turned his mind and allow her to go next year after encouraged by terry’s teacher. –The End –

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