Identical by Ellen Hopkins book report

Topics: Dissociative identity disorder, Borderline personality disorder / Pages: 3 (604 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2014
IDENTICAL: Plot summary
Raeanne and Kaeleigh Gardella are the teenage daughters of two successful parents: their father, Raymond, is a district-court judge and their mother, Kay, is a successful woman politician. While Kaeleigh acts as a typical school student that is involved in a school play, her identical twin sister, Raeanne, is the opposite. Raeanne spends most of her free time with her drug dealer, smoking pot, drinking and being extremely promiscuous. At home, both girls drink their father’s alcohol, and take his prescribed oxy-contin but still manage to keep their lives completely separate from each other. Raeanne begs for her father’s love and affection, while Kaeleigh gets too much of it; Kaeleigh is raped by her father regularly and is afraid to seek help…

IDENTICAL: Health issues
I. Drug abuse- Kaeleigh, Raeanne, and Raymond needed oxy-contin and Kaeleigh even had withdraws when she didn’t have it. Raeanne often felt she needed marijuana and believed that she was addicted.
II. Alcohol abuse- Raeanne drank when she got depressed.
III. Bulimia- Raeanne purged when Kaeleigh went on a food-binge.
IV. Self-harm- Raeanne self-harmed when she “wanted to feel something” and she claimed that the pain “felt good”. But Kaeleigh would insist that her cuts were accidental.
V. Promiscuity- Raeanne had sex with just about any guy, she craved it. Much of the time it was with her drug dealer so she didn’t have to pay for her drugs.
VI. Sexual abuse- Kaeleigh is sexually abused by her dad.
VII. Dissociative Identity disorder- There is a twist at the end of the book that reveals the truth— Kaeleigh’s twin sister, Raeanne, died in a car accident years ago. Kaeleigh has developed DID prior to her sister’s death. The things that Raeanne did were actually the things Kaeleigh was ashamed to do. In other words, Kaeleigh had a split personality disorder thinking that she is Raeanne and Kaeleigh. Raeanne is this bad girl who engages in drugs and sex while

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