The Success of Louis XVIII as King of France

Pages: 4 (1576 words) Published: February 27, 2014
‘’How successful was Louis XVIII as King of France?’’

In April 1814, napoleon abdicated from the throne unconditionally due to the other European monarchs opposing and rising against him. This meant that there was a rising question to who would take over the French phone and rule. The decision of this was to the quadruple alliance (Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia), they then made the decisions to restore the Bourbon reign, that last ruled in 1793. The rightful heir to the Bourbon reign was Louis XVIII. When Louis became king in 1814, and started ruling he was faced with many tasks that he had to complete. The tasks that Louis XVIII was faced with included improving the French morque, rehabilitate the bourbon name and to secure their hold on the throne, rule through the charter, prevent the ultra royalists getting out of hand, not to alienate (offend) the liberals, solve the problem of Frances debts, rehabilitate Frances reputations in foreign affairs and to deal with the Napoleonic threat. In order for Louis XVIII to have become a successful he would have to deal with the tasks facing him. If he managed to complete many of these tasks he being a king of France would have been successful. To decide if Louis XVIII was successful a monarch, a successful ruler must be defined. A successful monarch would be someone who would put the interests of their country first, maybe not pleasing everybody all the time, but assuring the countries steadiness in the best way possible. As I mentioned before about when Louis XVIII did come to the throne that he faced a series of problems that he need to solve. Some of the problems where more difficult than some of the other problems, however he handled these problems with ease, and this shows a successful king solving the problems facing his country. On the other hand to what extent was Louis XVIII successful as a king? I am going to talk about the problems that Louis faced and if and how he handed the problems, and also if...
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