The Subtle Art of Honesty

Topics: Lie, Deception, Truth Pages: 3 (1231 words) Published: October 11, 2013

Sometime ago, I once told a friend of mine her drawing wasn't very good; In fact let me be completely honest here, I simply told her, her drawing sucked… yep I told her that with pretty much brutal honesty, and naturally she was pretty devastated (as it turns out she was expecting praise or at the very least a positive comment since she thought it was her first decent drawing). Either way it seems that the damage was done because ever since she's gone to great limits to hide her drawings from me.So…. Are you guys getting the moral of the story here?If you say "Yes" then thanks, at the very least my words weren't wasted and someone actually learned something from that little story, if you say "No I didn't understand the gist of that stupid, somewhat pointless story" well, let me thank you still since you've given me the opportunity to explain so that this essay won't end with only a below 150 word count, sarcasm there's absolutely no way I am tempted to pass my essay like that! /sarcasmAnyways I won't waste anymore words; the moral of the story is that honesty hurts; in fact it hurt/traumatized my friend so much that ever since that little careless comment she won't even let me get a peek at her drawings ever since. Not. One. Single. Peek.When I get annoyed and demand to know why she won't let me see her drawings she just says (with equal annoyance) that she thinks I'll just make "fun of it" again; Ever since then I've been careful to watch my words It seems that the since saying "what goes around, comes back around" does in fact hold truth.As of that I've been in a moral dilemma, do I keep telling "the truth and nothing but the truth" every time I am asked for a helpful opinion or do I overlook some mistakes and tell a little white lie? After all what harm can a lie do? Is honesty truly the best policy? Will my friend regain trust in me and let me see her drawings? Will I get a somewhat decent grade for this essay? Why did I even...
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