"The Story of an Hour" Essay (Analysis)

Topics: Shock, Heart disease, The Story of an Hour Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The Story Of An Hour
“The Story Of An Hour” is indeed – as the title states – a story that spans over an hour. What the title might refer to, can be interpreted as either the story that Kate Chopin writes, or the story that Louise Mallard, the protagonist in this story, tells herself, of the days to come after the death of her husband. Even though all of the events in “The Story Of An Hour” happen very fast, and Kate Chopin is not very detailed when describing them, it shows that a lot of things can change for an individual over a short period of time. It shows you just how powerful communication – in this case miscommunication – is. It also shows how powerful death is. Because of the fact that Mrs. Mallard isolates herself after hearing about her husband’s death, she has the opportunity to explore what feelings lie beyond the usual feelings of grief or loss, what she experiences is a sort of welcoming freedom, which the tragedy brought to her. The first and most important trait of Mrs. Mallard is mentioned in the first sentence of the story, she has a weakened heart, and because of that, her family members and friends have to be very careful around her, it changes the way people behave to her. Because the news about her husband’s death has to be delivered to her very carefully, the story has a lot of dramatic tension from the get-go. Mrs. Mallard’s sister, and her husband’s friend have to be very cautious when delivering the news of the death of Mrs. Mallard’s husband to Mrs. Mallard, or she might die. The expected reaction of a housewife during that period of time (late 1800s-early 1900s) hearing of her husband’s death, would be to refuse the fact that their husband had died, or try to avoid accepting the news, even though they knew that it was true. Mrs. Mallard reacts in a very unusual way, by instantaneously accepting it and crying before isolating herself within the confines of her room. I think she does this to show the reader that she is in fact an...
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