The Squire In Canterbury Tales

Topics: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Knights of the Round Table, Beowulf, Knight, Middle Ages, The Canterbury Tales / Pages: 6 (1424 words) / Published: Nov 2nd, 2015
According to the General Prologue in Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, the Squire is described as a youthful, and lusty bachelor with curly locks, courteous and humble. The Squire also happened to be the son of the knight. The knight feels his son should follow in his steps of being a knight, but instead he wants to go his own way as well as participating in some events as a knight. The Squire is much more involved in other hobbies outside of fighting. He is described as having great strength, and he also fought at Flanders. The Squire certainly had the same strength and physical abilities as his father, but was not focued solely in knighthood, unlike his father. The Squire was also very invested in women and music, as he would create …show more content…
a movie that both Will and his family love. He begins to rehearse lines, hoping to get one of the lead roles in the play. He spends more and more time away from the basketball court. Auditions are later in the day, which has made Will nervous all day. He feels pressure because acting is something that Will wants to do for his future, and feels that if this play does not work out then he needs to start focusing on other career choices. Will does outstanding with his audition, knowing the lines he needed, and the movements he needed to make. To Will’s surprise he lands the role of Curly, who is the main character. Will was hoping to land some sort of role, but instead wowed the judges who decided to put him in the main character’s role. Due this huge commitment of time, Will begins spend more time on the play and memorizing his lines than playing basketball. Dan begins to notice this, and asks him “Hey son, I’ve been noticing lately that you have been spending more time at school and in your room, than on the basketball court. Why is this?” Will responds to this by saying, “I have previous commitments.” “Like what?” Dan asks. “A play.” Will responds. Dan is now furious saying , “A stupid play? You should be focusing on basketball, and your career instead of a stupid play.” Will, now getting upset says, “Dad I want to act when I am older, instead of playing basketball.” Dan tries to reason and says, “What about basketball? I thought you always wanted to be a basketball player.” Will who has begun to shed tears because of the argument says, “That is what you wanted! These past years I have been burned out, and only played because it made you happy, and you wanted me to.” Will runs up to his room to clear his head and calm down. The next few weeks go by and Will and his father are still not talking, both furious with the other. Will is spending more time at school in preparation for the play that is

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