The South-African Socio-Economic and Political Context: Implications and Challenges for Developmental Social Welfare and Social Work Services.

Topics: Jacob Zuma, South Africa, Unemployment Pages: 7 (2416 words) Published: October 16, 2012
1. Introduction
In this assignment the student will be analyzing the broader national context and the impact and challenges for social welfare services and social work in South Africa. This assignment will include an analysis of 5 media clips, State of Nation Address by the President, Mr Jacob G. Zuma and the Budget Speech by the Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin J. Gordhan. This is the individual’s analysis of the articles, which will further guide and add towards the group work assignment.

2. State of Nation Address (RSA, State of Nation Address, 2012)

The State of Nation Address of South Africa 2012 was presented by President Jacob Zuma on the 8th of February 2012. President Jacob Zuma identified the progress made as well as ways to further improve various areas in South Africa that needs to be addressed. He identified areas such as health, energy, human settlement, education, and fight against crime, water provision and rural development. In 2011 job creation was mainstreamed, cooperation between government was strengthened; only by working together the challenges in South Africa can be addressed. There has been progressed made, but poverty, unemployment and inequality is still a big challenge in South Africa. The national Cabinet identified that the economy of the country needs to grow in order to eliminate poverty, problems of unemployment and inequality. In 2012 there will be greatly focus on infrastructure development. This can help with the improvement of education, health, job creation, rural development and other areas of challenges in South Africa.

3. Budget Speech (RSA, Budget Speech, 2012)

The National Budget Speech for South Africa 2012 was delivered by the Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan on the 22nd of February 2012. Pravin Gordhan (RSA, Budget Speech, 2012) stated that “We remain steadfast in addressing the challenges of creating jobs, reducing poverty, building infrastructure, and expanding our economy.” Social grants for people receive the most money, where over 16 million South Africans receive a grant. South Africa is a developmental state, but by increasing the amount of the grants and the people who receive the grants, it is not developmental at all. South Africa should look at other aspects and find ways to enhance people without being dependable on the social grants. Is giving over 16 million citizen’s social grant really alleviating poverty or is it worsening the problem of poverty in the country? Education and infrastructure receives a high amount of finances to address the current need in South Africa. There is money set out for different areas and to help address the challenges that South Africa faces. The finances are there to address the challenges, but the government should utilize these finances as effective as possible. Without these finances, services and problems can’t be addressed thus giving the government and other key participants in this country a responsibility towards South Africa and the challenges faced every day.

4. Article 1: “Study shows grants end up in right place” (2012)

There has been a new study found that the social grant money is being given to the right people (Study shows grants end up in right place, 2012). The article further states that the money that is given to the women for the child support grant uses it for the house hold expenses, food and the children. The money given is very low, in the Budget Speech it states that the social grants will increase from R105 billion to R122 billion in the next 3 years (RSA, Budget Speech, 2012). The study concludes that the women who receive these grants are making key financial decisions in their households. Further on the article state that the women don’t just receive the grants, but participate in projects and the community to enhance their quality of life. Thus the women not only just receive money, but they do develop and grow in taking part and making use of their financial skills. In...

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