The Soul & Self

Topics: Soul, Scientific method, Science Pages: 4 (1397 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The Soul and the Self

There have been many ideas and ways of thinking about the soul and the self in our history. The development of theories of the self and personal identity dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks to present day. Philosophers and scientists have developed huge intellectual trends, controversies, and ideas that shape the way we think of ourselves today. The theories of the soul and self date back to ancient Greek times where ideas of Plato, Aristotle, and the materialistic atomists first started talking about the soul and the self, which lead to future theories. Throughout the theories there is a lack of factual statements due to the removal of science. Although history has worked its way up to what we know now, without the scientific aspect of it we would be lost. Many theories of the soul and the self cannot be proven and therefore we cannot know if they are true. Science is one of the only forms of studying ourselves and finding out new ideas and concepts by creating new laws of nature. The eras called, The rise of Science, and the Science of Human nature have the highest importance for individuals, and society. While some may believe that when the body dies, identity clings, and the soul continuous forever, others believe that we are nothing but what we are made of. Basically we are a stream of memories and experiences that result from neuron firings in our brain. This brings us to the difference between believers in the soul, and believers in scientific laws. The Greeks were some of the first to express their beliefs in the soul and self. Most of their beliefs stemmed from Egyptian cultures. From around 500-300 BC the Greeks were in their prime. They laid down the groundwork for future ideas. Some of the most influential philosophers of that time were Plato and Aristotle, who both were greatly influenced by Socrates. Socrates believed the true self is not the body, but the soul (or psyche). He believed that the appearance and the...
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