The Sociological Imagination

Topics: High school, Sociology, College Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Sociology Assignment 1
Queenie Yueh
The sociological imagination is the personal troubles of individuals to see the public issues of social structure. Due to the social structure changing, values face many differences than before through the sociological imagination can make us enrich our aspects and not be limited by the real life. We will become easily to choose the correct ways in the future.

My personal trouble is choosing the education selection. In the childhood, I didn’t doubt parents’ arrangement. They asked me to learn extra lessons like English class, ballet and so on… Parents always think own child has to get the good grade and go to the good school. In elementary school, my memory is often in supplementary school because of junior high school class. Actually, this life ends in college test. At my junior high school, every class is divided into A and B. A class needs to study until six p.m. and goes to school on Saturday. The only goal of school, teacher and parents is that hope more and more students enter a star senior high school. In Taiwan, the senior high school has two groups. One is examination papers combined with politics, history and geography and the other is examination papers combined with physics, chemistry and biology. I know my parent hope I can choose the latter one, not any special reason just because everyone all thinks it will have better future. Maybe in the childhood, I decided that I don’t want to hear parents’ arrangement but I find that until today, I faced the selections over and over again, I choose I want but it is still controlled by society. This is also the public issue because all students are facing those problems. Why more and more children start to go to supplementary school early? Why the popular majors always those? Why everyone wants to go to the famous school? Although, people often say “Examination is not all of you” but it is not fact. The grade is all. If you graduate from famous college, you...
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