The Sneeze

Topics: Gesundheit, Sneeze, Bless you Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: March 24, 2011
The Sneeze
(Sneezing terribly) “Ah Choo!! Sorry, my bad! Don’t worry; it’s a part of my speech. As I stand in front of all of you, I will not going to spread the virus but to tell about the virus. And that is sneezing. Sneezing is an enormously powerful bodily convulsion second only to the orgasm in its intensity. Both are difficult to fake with any degree of accuracy and its best not to attempt either in a lift unless you are by yourself or with someone who loves you a very great deal.

What is the function of sneeze? We inhale air every day and it’s not possible to inhale foreign particles too. So, as the body system detect and send signals to the brain and interprets it as dangerous thing! So, it’s has to go. So, that’s why we sneeze. Occasionally a sneeze will let you know it’s coming with a tickling sensation in the nose. This make you screw up your eyes a little and take a little sequence of short breaths. Often as not, nothing then happens and you put your handkerchief back in your pocket. That’s when the sneeze arrives, delivering a half a pound of A-great phlegm onto the lapel of a visiting dignitary. You can sometimes bring reluctant sneezes on by staring into lights. Don’t try this when you’re driving as you may get a powerful and satisfying sneeze but it will be your last one ever. In Ancient Greece, sneezes were believed to be prophetic signs from the gods. In 410 BC, for instance, the Athenian general Xenophon gave a dramatic oration exhorting his fellow soldiers to follow him to liberty or to death against the Persians. He spoke for an hour motivating his army and assuring them of a safe return to Athens until a soldier underscored his conclusion with a sneeze. Thinking that this sneeze was a favourable sign from the gods, the soldiers bowed before Xenophon and followed his command.

Nowdays there are various alleged but a conflicting superstitions relating the sneeze to evil spirits. This includes beliefs that a sneeze could release...
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