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Anatomy A

Why is Tuberculosis so Dangerous

1. What is Tuberculosis and what are the symptoms
Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease can affect the lungs and can cause other problems in some parts of the body such as the brain, the kidney, and the spine. In 2013 Tuberculosis killed 9 million people The symptoms of Tuberculosis:

Bad cough that can last to three days
Pain in chest
Coughing up blood
Weight loss
No appetite
Sweating in the night
How Do you Get Tuberculosis?
Tuberculosis is caused by spread of bacteria through the air from person to person. When a person with TB coughs, sneezes, speaks,and sings; another person is nearby could get infected withTB because of the Bacteria in air. How is Tuberculosis Diagnosed?

Tuberculosis is diagnosed by taking two tests: The tuberculin skin test and the TB blood test The Tuberculin skin test is performed by injecting small amount of fluid (Tuberculin) into lower part of the arm. If a person has a shot they have to return within 49-72 hours for a care worker to see if there was a reaction. The blood test is supposed to tell you if a person is affected with TB bacteria. Where does Tuberculosis Strike?

Tuberculosis is found mostly in Africa and Asia around the world Can cultural practices spread Tuberculosis?...
What are the strict precautions that must be observed when bury those who have died from Tuberculosis? What Precautions Should I take?..
Could There Be an Outbreak in the U.S.?...

http://www.nathnac.org/travel/factsheets/pdfs/tuberculosis.pdf http://www.cdc.gov/tb/topic/basics/default.htm
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