The Six Forms of Punishment

Topics: Criminal law, Crime, Prison Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: September 16, 2013
The six forms of punishment are capital punishment, imprisonment, probation, restitution, fine, and community service. Capital punishment is when somebody commits a very serious crime like a first degree murder or something in that nature. The way capital punishment punishes is by lethal injection or electric chair. Imprisonment is for those who commits a crime that is not major or minor. For imprisonment they will be put in jail for a certain amount of period and then probation or also they can pay the restitution. If the crime is minor they will most likely be given probation or community service. They will also might have to pay the restitution for the wrong that was done. The people who determine and sentence people is the criminal statutes. The crime being minor will most likely get community service or pay the restitution. If the crime is more serious and that person has a record already that’s how the court determines there sentencing. Like for instance if that person has a record and committed the same crime the punishment will be more severe. The court takes into account how serious the crime is and if it can be sentenced to the courts discretion going by the books. Sentencing is a very important part in the criminal justice system. It is the punishments defendants receive when they have committed a crime. The punishment is wide and vast, ranging from probation to death. The relationship between sentencing and punishment is that they both work together. The reason is the sentencing will decide what type of punishment that person will receive. When somebody commits a crime they will receive punishment depending on the type of crime they committed. Indeterminate...
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