The sin bin or Lucys heart

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The sin bin or Lucy’s heart

This is a story about a girl, who is called Lucy Cooke. She is somewhere in the start of the teenage years. There are other persons mentioned in the story. There are a boy called Simon Parle, two girls called Penny Jones and Bethan Preece, a teacher called Mr. Paterson and at last but not least, Lucy’s mother. The main character, Lucy, has some kind of relation to most of the subsidiary characters. Lucy and Bethan are best friends, and Bethan is waiting for Lucy while she is in detention. Lucy is in detention because of Penny, I guess you can say. The reason was that Lucy hit Penny. Lucy and Penny used to be quite good friends. Now Lucy’s best friend is Bethan. It was Bethan who said that Lucy should hit Penny, to make sure that Penny was not in the way of their friendship. It seems like Lucy has to prove something for Bethan, like Lucy is good enough for her. It makes the friendship feel a bit awkward. Mr. Paterson tells us that Lucy is a good student, with great grades. He is wondering why a student like that, is in detention. And then there is Simon, who is just an annoying kid with some problems. Lucy has a rather strange relation to her mother. A couple of times in the story, we hear some of her mother’s opinions. They do not seem close to each other. The mother is trying to protect Lucy from every bad thing in the world. She wants Lucy to be perfect. In her opinion, Lucy should get the very best grades, not wear makeup, and only hang out with people from the same social class, therefore the mother at times, does not allow Lucy to hang out with Bethan, as she is a pretty tough girl, and does not care much about school. I guess that the strange relationship between Lucy and her mother and the mother’s opinions will not ruin Lucy and Bethan’s friendship. This story is written from Lucy’s point of view. We get to know Lucy better, by how she describes her thoughts and actions. Lucy has chosen to put the heart she is drawing, in...
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