Love and Mental Health in Cosi by Louis Nowra

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Love and Mental Health in Cosi by Louis Nowra
Cosi is a play written by Louis Nowra. I will be using two speeches chosen from the play to explain how the playwright uses emotive language to show the characters thoughts, views and feelings about issues in the play. The two speeches I will be focusing on are; Act 2 Scene 2 This is a conversation between Lewis and Lucy about their views on love and Lucy’s infertility. And.

Act 1 Scene 4 Which is a conversation between Lewis, Nick and Henry about the Vietnamese war. The themes I have chosen are love and mental health.

Love in Cosi is portrayed through the characters different views on the subject. Some believe that falling in love with a faithful partner is important; others think love is pointless and is only based on sexual relations rather than emotional connections. You can clearly see these differences in views when looking at the characters attitudes towards love in the play. The playwright has used speeches made by the characters infused with emotive language to portray these thoughts, feelings and views. The main speech I am going to be focusing on is the one made by Lucy in Act 2 scene 2, about her infidelity and what she believes to be more important about love. This conversation between Lucy and Lewis shows both their opinions on love, and what it means to be in a relationship. “How to understand how capitalism exploits the working class is important. How to stop the war in Vietnam is important. How to make a piece of theatre meaningful; and intelligent….is important. After bread, a shelter, equality, health, procreation, money comes maybe love. Do you think the starving masses give a fuck about love. Love is an emotional indulgence for the privileged few.” The emotive language that is used in this quote shows Lucy’s anger and frustration with Lewis for not thinking the same way she does. She doesn’t value love more than other people’s happiness and seems disappointed that Lewis does. She also...
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