The simple gift

Topics: Physical quantities, Time, Perception Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: October 7, 2013
An individuals ability to perceive a sense of belonging is reliant on the length of their exposure to situations where they feel like they belong. A sense of belonging can be found when an individual is exposed to quality interaction with the world in which they belong. ( and the individuals quality interaction with that situation that enables for the development of a sense of belonging.) Within Steven Herricks novel “ the simple Gift” the passage of time for the protagonist Billy is cherished during his stay in Bendarat and Billy interacts with the town and it’s people with the utmost respect to maintain his sense of belonging in the town. Inside Tim Winton’s short story “ neighbours”, Time is needed for the neighbours of the migrant street to become accustomed with their new young neighbours, and through this, relationships are formed when barriers are broken down between the parties.


For 16 year old Billy Luckket, the passage of time that Billy felt isolated from the world spanned many years, even from age 10, Billy’s father has given Billy a taste of not belonging as what billy describes in detail when his father Gave him “one hard backhander across the face… and slammed the door on my sporting childhood”. From such a young age, Billy has given Hands a negative connotation of violence that has reduced Billy’s ability to interact with his surrounding world, and that is clear from the early moments of the novel, calling his father a “bastard”, and his town “ A shithole .. longlands road, nowheresville”. This poor interaction with the world and particularly, his father, has prompted Billy to gratefully leave, and as he leaves town, the cold rain bears down on Billy, symbolizing Billy’s current sad and angry feelings that has surrounded Billy in the time he has spent in “nowheresville”, his last reminder of the place is the wind and the rain that billy describes as having “the force of a fathers punch”, There is nothing left for billy here,...
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