The significant individual from Maori community in Aotearoa

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3.0 The significant individual from Maori community in Aotearoa

The Maori history in New Zealand started from 1300 AD. According to a research, the ancestors of the Maori were a Polynesian people who originating from south-east Asia, they were making the long traveling via Taiwan, through the South Pacific islands and then on to Aotearoa. There were many different tribes in the Maori community. After two European explorers found the place respectively in the middle of 18th Century and 19th Century, some of the European began to move in, especially after 1800, there were plenty of the European arrive at Aotearoa and began to settle. However, the Maori world was influenced because of the European settlers. For example, the Treaty of Waitangi that were signed in 1840, it stated that sovereignty was ceded to the Queen of England, and also, Maori had lost most of land and their local authority was challenged. (Maori - Pre-European society, 2014)Nevertheless, there was a significant Maori person helped change the circumstance ---- Apirana Ngata.

3.0.1The introduction of the individual--- Apirana Ngata

Apirana Ngata (1874-1950) was an outstanding New Zealand politician and lawyer. Ngata was born in Te Araroa, and belonged to the tribe Ngati Porou. Ngata obtained a comprehensive Pakeha education and he was the first Maori to complete a degree of New Zealand University (He completed a MA and a law degree.) (Āpirana Ngata, 2014)Before he started his career, he had already a greatest leader of his tribe Ngati Porou. Apirana became an assistant to the minister, James Carroll, who in charge of ‘native affairs’. (Boon, 1993)

3.0.2 The politician life of Apirana Ngata

In 1905, he was elected to Parliament when he won the Eastern Maori seat. In 1908 Apirana became a Minister of Maori Councils of Cabinet, at that time, he and other two politicians fought to develop Maori Land, improve the conditions of Maori people and promote Maori culture.

Ngata became...
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