The Ship of Dreams

Topics: RMS Titanic, Love, English-language films Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Titanic is a remarkable film filled with excitement and romance. It is one of the best movies I've seen yet. It tells the tale of a ship that sailed across the Atlantic; the Titanic. The Titanic was supposedly unsinkable; yet, when it hit an iceberg, it tragically sank, destroying thousands of innocent lives. Two people, out of thousands on the ship, are the most remarkable; a poor man named Jack, who won his ticket in a card game, and a rich woman named Rose, who came to America to get married after her father died and left them penniless. Jack and Rose meet and defy odds by falling in love. They have to be careful not to show it because the rich and the poor aren't supposed to mingle. An older Rose, now 64, tells her story to a crew of divers who study the Titanic. They are looking for the jewel her fiancée, who wasn't Jack, gave her. Titanic is an epic movie with its heartbreaking plot, outstanding special effects, and distinguishable music.

It's amazing how well the director combines an actual historical event with a tragic love story that audiences would love. It is historically accurate and teaches people about the tragic sinking of an actual ship. People can actually learn about the history of the so-called unsinkable ship while watching the movie. There are characters in the movie that actually where on the boat in real life. The captain going down with his ship, the architect of Titanic not trying to save himself, and the band on Titanic that kept on playing were all real people on the actual ship. When a viewer watches this movie, they will have a very hard time not crying. Jack and Rose capture everyone's hearts as they travel on the doomed ship. The scene where they meet is when Jack talks Rose out of jumping off the back off the ship. She is sad with her life and fed up with all the stuck up rich people. Viewers can tell right away that they will fall in love eventually. Their love story is frowned upon by both the rich and poor yet their true...
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