The Sense Of Responsibility In The Movie 'Freedom Writers'
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The Sense of Responsibility Can Change Students The story of “Freedom Writers” was set in Long Beach. Erin was a new teacher who believed the way to stop racial hatred is to change the young’s minds. The students in the school where she worked divided into four camps: whites, Latinos, Cambodians, and blacks. Every group hated each other. Erin wanted to change this condition and wanted everyone to change. In fact, she did it. Now here is question. Why Erin could do something that others did not finish? I think her sense of responsibility made her and her class successful. Erin was born in a good education family. Her father was a guy who took part in civil right movement and he always told Erin how he walked in the street for the civil right. A person will be usually depends on what his family did. That is why when Erin’s father asked her why she decided to become a teacher not others, she said she could not help herself. All these make Erin become a kind, friendly and responsible woman. From the movie we could know some of the students were just out of juvenile hall and one or two might be wearing ankle cuffs. At that time the gang violence and racial tension reached at a high time. At the beginning of the movie, we saw Eva’s dad was be …show more content…
This pattern of education is not only a dream because it is not always happened but also a cruel reality for now. But we still hope the dream will come true in the future. To reach this target, teachers should treat every student equally. Raise your sense of responsibility and let it spread out. Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock

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