The Secret of the Premier League’s Success

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The secret of the Premier League’s success|
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III.Literature Review:5
V.Results and Discussion14

I. Abstract

The purpose of this report is to explore and identify the secret of the Premier League’s success. Nowadays, the Premier League is become the first football league in the world. The literature review shows previous experts research, and questionnaire is regarding football fans’ attitude of the Premier League, and from the questionnaire, it reflect several successful ways to the Premier League. The result showed that different people has different views on the Premier League. The conclusion is sum up the secret of the Premier League’s success.

II. Introduction:

The purpose of this report is to explore and identify the secret of the Premier League’s success. The Premier League was established in February 1992, in the previous few years before 1992, English football was at the lowest ebb in the history, during the late 1980s, it happened some tragedy of football fans causalities by the stadium aging infrastructure. England football clubs were barred from participating in European club competition by UEFA for five years. This situation made the operation of the original English Football League more difficulty. England football clubs usually faced the commonly problems like stadium aging infrastructure, loosing outstand football players and football hooliganism. The clubs generally considered that the league need reform, just such a situation eventually lead the birth of the Premier League. Exall (2007) stated that the substance of the Premier League is a union, each club is in this union and it is a limited company. The Premier League has the independent commercial exploitation right from the FA and also has the right to negotiate broadcast and sponsor contracts. The ownership of the Premier League is the 20 clubs that in this league, its top management agency is “the Premier League Independent commission”, all the clubs as shareholders have a joint meeting on each quarter and any club can move a motion at the meeting, all the rules changing and the important business contract must be agreed by the two-thirds of the clubs to take effect. The FA is also a special shareholder of the Premier League, it can veto some important issues by only one vote. At the end of each season, the degradation club needs to transfer their shares to the club which upgrade from the Football League Championship.

Nowadays, Commercialization has become synonymous of the Premier League, Manchester United’s market value continued to grow each year, Williams (2001) mentioned that Liverpool FC with Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz and British Airways together selected as top 500 of England’s top brands. These are the results of the commercialization. With the increasingly of degree of commercialization, more and more foreign investors began to get involved in the Premier League, when Abramovich who comes from Russia purchased Chelsea in 2003, no one could see the future of Chelsea, but he spent nearly hundreds million pounds to build a new “Chersky” only in three years. In this way, he almost changed the English football map by himself. But Portsmouth FC which is same as Chelsea, it also been purchased by foreign investor, but the club nearly comes to the brink of bankruptcy after a series of failed investments. Furthermore, the Premier League will continue to improve by higher and higher commercialization. The foundation of club’s profit still not change, the growth of television revenues, sponsorship fees and consumption from football fans will be...

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