Liverpool Football Club Takeover

Topics: Liverpool F.C., Rafael Benítez, Chelsea F.C. Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Liverpool Football Club Takeover

The Premier League (EPL) is England’s top soccer division. It is arguably the richest league in the world where some of the most popular teams in the world play. According to International Herald Tribune, six of the richest top twenty teams play in England, with four from Italy and Germany and three from Spain. Soccer in Europe is more of a business in today’s world. Most professional sports teams that have the money to buy the top players are usually the most successful. Like any business you want to have the richest owners; EPL Clubs are no different. Foreign investment in EPL clubs is the new way to move forward and become successful. No longer do you have your local fans controlling soccer clubs, instead you have major foreign investors. The first major foreign investor was Abramovich at Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea FC was a weak team, struggling with debts and never winning any trophies. Roman Abramovich a Russian billionaire bought the club, cleared its debts, and bought the best players at high prices. Chelsea FC is now very successful at the present time mainly due to the money invested by Abramovich. They are one of the big four teams in England along with Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. The ‘top four’ are the best and richest teams in the EPL. Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is Britain’s most successful team. LFC has won 18 leagues and 5 European Cups in their history. David Moores has been Chairman of LFC since 1991. David was part of the Moores family who owned the gambling and retail empire Littlewoods. The Moore’s are renowned for being one of the richest families in the UK. Moores could still not compete against the other big clubs in the EPL though. Foreign investment was needed. The main reasons LFC needed foreign investment was to compete in the market for the best players and to finance a new stadium. LFC’s current stadium is Anfield; its capacity is around 47,000. This is a huge difference...

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