The Scramble For Africa

Topics: Africa, Scramble for Africa, White people Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: October 14, 2014
The Scramble For Africa

After the Berlin conference, European powers occupied and colonized areas in Africa, in order to gain resources. But many Africans weren't too happy with the idea of the Europeans coming in and controlling them. During the scramble of Africa, the actions and reactions of Africans was that some surrendered their territory and control over to the Europeans, while others rebelled against them. Others tried to appeal through religion and believed culture would give them an upper hand.

One of the main actions and reactions of Africans during the European scramble for their nation was that they surrendered their own territory and gave the Europeans control over to them. For example, document one is a form of contract by the Niger company to administer and develop the Niger River delta. This cedes control of African territory over to the British, that was later said to be signed by many African rulers. British people wanted to have legal control over to Africans, so the Africans were compliant and obedient.This contract was a direct result of surrendering over to the Europeans.Another example that shows that the Africans gave up to the Europeans is shown in document four where an African veteran talks to others. He states that if it weren't for the European’s technological advances, chances were they could have won, so they had no choice but to give up. “So we surrendered to the white people....” This shows again that the Africans were cooperative and surrendered their land as an action and reaction to the European scramble of Africa.

Some Africans didn't just surrender their land, they took matters into their own hands and refused to be helped by the white men, they rebelled and resisted. For example, in document two an Ashanti leader declines the British offer, of being under the protection of the British, and states that his people will remain independent. This document states that they don't want help from the British....
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