The Roswell Ufo Crash

Topics: Roswell UFO Incident, Roswell, New Mexico, Roswell That Ends Well Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Roswell UFO Crash

John Doe
English II CP
December 26, 1996

In 1947 a UFO was seen near the town of Roswell, New Mexico. It was witnessed by many of the residents and was described as something not of this planet. The government denies any evidence of this event occurring and has covered it up for may years. Now that more information has become available to the public, it is clear that something extraordinary happened.

The town of Roswell, New Mexico was the location of many UFO sightings in the later 1940's and was supposedly the location of a secret military base. Most of the local people had a story or two to tell about their experiences with these sightings, but are now coming forward with stories about how the government threatened them not to speak of the incidents that occurred. Some felt as though their life was endangered if they dared to speak of what they saw.

One incident in particular which has sparked a craze in the study of UFO's is when a flying disk allegedly crashed in the deserts of New Mexico near Roswell on the night of July 8, 1947. According to Roswell expert Henry Ritson, many civilians arrived at the crash scene and witnessed the bodies of alien beings (Roswell Reporter pg. 2). These witnesses report to have seen humanoid beings with large, pear-shaped heads and bulging black eyes being hauled away by government and military agents and to have been debriefed of the entire occurrence by these agents (Roswell Reporter pg. 3). Some witnesses were threatened not to speak of the incident again. The object in question was later classified by the government as a weather balloon and discounted all evidence and eyewitness reports of the UFO scene (pg. 3).

The farmer whose field the UFO crashed in was offered a large sum of money by a local radio station to tell his story on the air. He spoke of strange alien materials and a seemingly invincible square of foil which could not...
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