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The Roots That Sprout Wings

By cosmoanelixis Jan 08, 2013 4800 Words
The Roots that Sprout Wings ©2011
Presentation at the International Annual Conference of ISPPM, “Roots of Life – Prenatal Psychology in the Scientific, Therapeutic, Obstetric and Counselling Context”, Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main, 21-23 October 2011 by Olga Gouni,

Whole-Self Prenatal Psychotherapist,
Instructor of Prebirth Psychology
President of the Hellenic Union Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Medicine (HU.P.P.P.M.)                   Co-Director Whole Self Discovery & Development for Greece & Cyprus

“There are two kinds of souls. One kind is like the melody of a musical instrument. It exists to eternity, beyond the existence or non-existence of the musical instrument itself”. Pythagoras

Nature has always been a most intriguing teacher. For millennia Scientists have been trying to decode Natural Laws and the more they manage to discover the more they realize the depth of the mysterious wisdom of the Universe. Reflecting on this depth helps to unravel the disparate ways these roots of nature can help them to understand the beginnings of human life. The role of the environment is crucial for the development of any new organism; in the human epoch, baby conceived, baby gestated, baby born, baby growing up, baby maturing into an adult to start a new cycle. Looking at the wisdom of the root of plants in the world, they see that the root is the organ that typically lies below the surface of the soil, but not necessarily so, as a root can also be aerial and growing above the ground or aerating and growing above the water. Its role is four-fold: 1) absorption of nutrients,

2) anchoring
3) storage and
4) prevention of erosion.
The information gleaned from basic botany can be extrapolated to human gestation and parenthood and to the first physical environment of the fetus. If the egg and sperm (matter and energy) turn into a zygote (seed) containing all the synthesized genetic information that can support a healthy human being, the role of embryonic life is more or less synonymous with the role of the roots found in the plant epic. Simon House in reporting on the pioneering research of Prof M.A. Crawford has described the necessity elements the new physical growth in the womb (ground) needs to absorb the nutrients (food nutrients) of this environmental resource. Simultaneously, in this vital beginning of life, the Turners discovered that the mental and emotional aspects of the unborn’s consciousness are in the mother‘s mind and in her emotions delivering prebirth impressions (mental education) and vibrational input (emotional education). As roots (in the ground, aerial and aerating), the zygote anchors safely in the womb (implantation supporting growth), stores the information gained from the environment and turns it into memory. And, finally, by securing their existence, they also secure the continuation of the existence of the soil that supports them, returning the service received. He who teaches, learns, he who learns receives the benefits. The question is: What is the kind of ground/soil that in the beginning of the cycle will support the roots and at the end of the cycle will get the benefits? What is the background that will allow a healthy human being to join humanity and subsequently, humanity can benefit from this human being? Botany offers many answers. Although there is still a lot to be learned, looking at the preconception to after birth experience In prenatal sciences, there is quite a lot that we already know. There is sort of continuation of the same or almost the same traits (of energy) from generation to generation within families. On the one hand, the universal law of attraction which also applies in the ways that marriages take place and conceptions, too, perpetuates both blessings and curses in the ways people see themselves, the world and life. On the other hand, the slight differences, or different octaves of the same note, open up avenues of healing, expansion and evolution of our human experience. The more intelligent the baby/organism is, the subtler the mechanisms that can energize or even invent to guarantee the continuation of the personal functioning, copying the functional ways of this intelligence. As Prof. Grigori I. Brekhman has proven maternal/unborn communication in the mental and emotional dimensions as suggested by the Turners. At the same time intelligence can leave out those that are not conscious yet as they vibrate in a frequency that corresponds to a purpose beyond. Evolution never ends. ABSORPTION OF THE NUTRIENTS

Our food: organic food, air, impressions
Exactly as certain combinations of chemical elements make food appropriate and nourishing to the creative process of a healthy physical body, the same stands true of the air mixture or noetic/mental mixture or the emotional one (impressions). These mixtures need to be appropriate and nourishing to the creative process of both a healthy mental and a healthy emotional body. These three kinds of food (physical food, attitudes/air and emotions/impressions) need to exist in analogies that support optimum results. Frank Lake has shown that exactly the way when absence of nutrients in the food leads to a physical death, the absence of nutrients in the form of what is empowering for the mental/spiritual and emotional body of the baby can lead to the mental/spiritual/emotional death of the child. As mentioned, Simon House has described the progress in the field of nutrition in the physical aspect through Prof. Michael Crawford of the McCarrison Society. Sadly in Science, very little significance is still not being given to art, philosophy and theology/cosmology as paramount vital nutrients during pregnancy. Looking at the non-physical nutrients that can empower health in a human being and studying the archetypes, we could safely say that among the qualities are those of respect and trust of the unique nature of a human being, the quality of freedom that is allowed to this being to pursue his/her own life goals and do it by the help of order (higher intelligence), truth, logic and light, the quality of purity (high vibration emotion and perception). In ancient Greek, Asklepeia, the deity of Artemis, goddess of purity was one of the deities adored together with Athena (wisdom, logic, Asklepios (healing) and Apollo (light), two female and two male deities working in balance to create healing). We also need the qualities of inspiration, beauty and creativity to create, retaining the excitement and fun in the initial chaos and do it with wisdom, courage and gentle strength, as we move from one point to the next in human evolution The Turners described how the mother of Shirley, throughout her pregnancy, consciously submersed herself in concerts, art museums, walks in beautiful nature and reading aloud uplifting poetry and literature to maximally enhance one of the most creative and wise women of the 20th Century. Within three years of her birth Shirley became world famous as a movie star and later became an Ambassador for the USA. Her name was Shirley Temple Black. The above qualities are the nutrients of the air, equivalent to vitamins and magnesium and such, appropriate for the physical body, met in philosophy, science and theology, in rituals and ceremonies to support the non-abstract minds to get in touch with them. Two factors are important here:

First, the air/environment needs to contain these qualities. The wind blows the seed. Some seeds land in barren earth and wither into death. Some seeds land in nutrient rich soil which can support growth and development of progeny. Is it a Cosmic Wind that blows the consciousness of a new being to a mother who best offers a nutrient rich environment that can support the best evolution for that new human being? Second, the roots actually absorb the nutritional qualities that exist in the environment. Which leads us to the next thought of what or who comes first? Or is it that there is no sequence of who comes first and who comes second as the one resonates to the other? And also the thought of the equal responsibility of both parts, ground and plant, parents and baby. When the baby gets in touch with the space he/she finds himself/herself in and with what is organically linked to their own existence (name it a womb or the environment in a general meaning), this unborn baby acquires a sort of “morphic intelligence”. This morphic intelligence brings the baby into contact with himself/herself and the physical world in which they exist and consequently, they also acquire access to what we might call universal information and subsequently also attuning ourselves to this universe. Intelligence is determined not by the density of the matter but by the vibrational frequency. Grigori Brekhman has shown the existence of the analogy between mother’s mind and emotion experience and her unborn as a kind of two way radio transmitter and receiver. Music offers the link between an idea/vibration frequency and a body sensation. In some of the earliest research in Prebirth Psychology, Thomas Verny teamed with Sandra Collier to enrich mother and unborn by stimulating and enhancing the emotional and intellectual development of her unborn through mother’s bodily instrument. Babies can sense subtle cosmological ideas through sacred music and sacred dancing. The idea that dance can transfer the essence of a totality of ideas has been well known in ancient Greek times and there is the reference to Memphis, a famous mimic of the times, who, according to Athineos, could dance the whole Pythagorean theory without any error. Aristotle used to say that we first learn the unseen and then we comprehend it. While Memphis knew how to dance the Pythagorean theory, he didn’t necessarily comprehend the theory. All and every intelligent action transforms the process that gives birth to them. That’s why movement/motion is one of the primal needs of a human being. Because every movement is a metamorphosis, a transformation, it obeys universal laws, Movement is a play of action organized around a structure that has meanings and concludes into a physical body. The roots (parents, society, environment…) who fail to feel these essences as living truths will fail to become vehicles that facilitate this process for their sprouts. And their new shoots, in turn, will fail to act in ways that will nourish parents and humanity. SIGNIFICANT GROUPINGS

A certain quality needs to acquire a certain clarity or purity to its previous level before it is ready to enter a new level of transformation. This is the job of the parental womb/environment. Exploring the archetypical journey of the hero we can see exactly that. Every journey starts with leaving a “home base”, leaving the known to enter the unknown, the new territory - could be the moment when the egg leaves the ovary to go down the oviduct or the moment when the baby leaves the womb to enter our world, or … Then, it’s the journey itself, the experience. Name it the journey down the tube or pregnancy as the between the conception and birth or our entire living experience marked by the birth and the death. Finally, it’s the arrival in the new “home base”, the return and the transformation of the experience into wisdom. As baby’s consciousness moves from mother’s home base to its own baby body home base it asserts it control and individuation and thus responsibility is transferred in a cosmic act of evolution. In order to link together our old and our new “home base” (not linear but evolutionary) we need to involve certain intelligent acts in the second phase, such as corrective procedures, guidance, resonance, mimicking, etc and do so based on the good intention that doesn’t depend on pressures or environmental influences and moving from the creative forces to those of maintenance to end in the employment of the destructive forces that dissolve the known and the old to introduce the unknown, the new. We can see the creator in the preconception to conception phase, the forces of maintenance at work during pregnancy and the destructive forces at birth. Birth is the new “home base” we reach and it is closely associated with the previous phases which take the old and bring it to the new. The journey between conception and birth is not a straight line between the beginning and the end. If it depended on its own power, then it would weaken somewhere before the end. Without adaptations, the process would go astray and might not reach its final goal. The system has got an auto-correction mechanism. A mechanism that seems to work very much like the auto-correction mechanism of a compact disc. It is the same auto-correction system that is met in the Sacred Scriptures of Genesis or the Holy Gospels in Christianity. For example, in Holy Gospels, the same story repeats itself in more than one version and this remedies or better say, offers the possibility of remedying any misunderstandings or misconceptions of the story. The same stands true in the narratives of our own pre/perinatal stories: As we experience various versions of them we offer ourselves the chance to decode the hidden deep messages of our beginnings and our journeys in life. Visiting each version in a Whole-Self Integration experience, a symbolic drawing, a written narrative or a psychotherapeutic session becomes a gift of expanding our consciousness and demystifying the life messages assimilating more and more of our sacred essence of being. We can correct or heal a process because it repeats depending on the new understanding we gain each time and the quality of healing adaptation we can introduce to our systems. Pregnancy is an act of science hand in hand with art. We need to understand pregnancy in terms of science. Furthermore, pregnancy is a piece of art, because art can regulate realities that are different and bridge inclinations in a way that makes sense so that the phenomena can communicate with each other and interact. And as it happens in music and the notes,

Where half tones are the points which warn of “dangers” or “risks” that are to follow (the tension moments of E-F and si-C) for the new that is to take place, there are moments during pregnancy that are like halftones in music, as they are the pathways of very significant information. Looking at the “Primavera” by Botticelli, we can see the 3 Graces, a symbolism for 1. Active Love (G), reflective Love (la) and hedonic Love (si). There is a lot of information when we decode the symbolic wisdom/ teachings) hidden in this piece of art alone.

Starting from the figure of Zephyros (C) that impregnates Hloris (D) (conception) to the end figure of Hermes (the God that could live in both domains human and divine, an equivalent to angel?/child archetype?, messenger, the connection between two different levels of existence. All figures have got a story to tell. The birth of a child as another Hermes communicates with a higher level of consciousness and also resides in the mundane world. WITH THE FLOW OR AGAINST?

When I want to bring about a change, I need to walk contrary to the events’ flow. When I go with the flow, I follow the mechanical sequence (where the entropy of the system is higher) and I find myself in an anelixis. While when I go against the current’s flow, the entropy of the system is lower (as it is directed elsewhere) and I find myself in the sphere of exelixis, evolution. Evolution involves dangers and risks while anelixis functions the way a mechanical piano does.

Let’s put this to preconception to birth.
On a cosmic level, creation is a process of successive actions or steps that take what exists and transform it into a new form that shows a part of qualities while the essence from which it came includes many more, in fact (all possibilities). Imagine the first cell or stem cells that contain all information in comparison to a later formation eg: a neuron that holds only specific info. Thus, in anelixis we think there is more truth while in fact, there is less. In evolution, the possibilities increase as the force is to take the form from a “frozen” state (inertia) to a new level, melt it and calibrate it into a new mould. An organism, as it moves from one phase to the next, “loses” part of freedom as it adapts to the environmental rules to stay in the game and play. THE TWO CRITICAL SHOCKS

The shock is caused because of a change in the function of the system – a change in the way the various parts of the system are connected with each other internally and how the system itself connects with the environment externally. These are the moments (thresholds) when there is also a change in the way we conceive/perceive the self and the world. In this paper, I use the word shock not in a diminishing sense but bearing the meaning of the extra force that is needed and provided to make the leap and bridge the old with the new. A shock is sort of critical change. There are two main shocks in our prenatal experience, although on another scale there are cycles into cycles into cycles, a fractal organization of our existential phase. Anyway, one shock comes out of an intention or purpose and it responds to an ideal. Could there be the intention of allowing a new soul to enter the physical world through our own intended or unintended act of generating parenthood and the purpose of new life being born responding to the evoking power of life evolution. The second shock comes from the living environment itself. It activates the potentiality of creation. This environment exerts a kind of power in the sphere of reality. There seems to be no opposition to this power: You either play by the rules or you get out of the game and play no more. These are the moments when the new organism asks for extra energy support. For the 1st shock, the intention of the parents, for example, to allow themselves to become the facilitators for a new human being to enter life and fulfill his/her own goal, a pure intention towards the ideal of evolution makes the difference between the soil that hosts roots that can sprout wings and the soil that will hold back such potentiality. The conceived baby, as he/she enters the grand arena during pregnancy changes and transforms as he/she experiences the environment. Extra energy is needed at the moment of conception so that there is permission for the first shock (change) to happen and extra energy is required during the 2nd shock/change/transformation, so that the new form can go elsewhere releasing his personal history, hopefully, evolving through the experience. At the 1st shock there is a lot of effort. At conception, for instance, there is effort.

The Process After the 1st Shock Involves Experience.
The question is: What is the specific environment that the baby gets into contact with and to which this baby is attracted to live in and what is the kind of adaptation it has to make to guarantee its being part of it and what is the amount of freedom baby has to abandon to be born and stay alive? The roots that sprout wings are those that support the efforts of humanity to challenge change and evolve human destiny. It is very clear why one of the symbolic images of the child archetype is the image of an angel. The angel is the medium through which the information a superior intelligence sends to the lower intelligence. The child can be seen as the medium life or consciousness or superior intelligence or evolved existence or… uses to communicate messages to the lower levels of consciousness. The child becomes the angel with sprouted wings, and he is the result of an experience that was based on roots that succeeded in getting the valuable information to grow and store in memory so that they can keep the high frequency of a world that gets better and better. This shock experience is not confined to the child. If we, as will-be parents are to enter parenthood, this is another critical shock that will take us from the world of the “singles”, the world of “without” to the world of “with”. We have to leave behind a lot of what is in the world of “without” reconsider a lot and look at a new perspective. This is kind of 1st shock. The decision to enter the world of “those with” involves sort of “dramatic” change in the way we look at life. To be able to comprehend what is needed at this critical threshold of transition makes all difference between evolution and failure, between life and death, between the two worlds. The Organization of pregnancy around the essence of three.

During transition, what is actually happening is alchemy. Mixing together and synthesizing through dialoguing. Will-be parents need to move from a state of 2 into a state of 3. If the relationship doesn’t change, marriage breaks. This is because the essence of 3 is change. It is when 3 active, free forces (people, roles, qualities etc) meet that a change is introduced. It is a state that goes beyond the Newtonian laws where the forces of attraction and opposition meet and their outcome gets diffused into the environment. The 3 forces are: active, passive and balancing.

We find the forces of 3 at the conception. For the conception to take place, we need the 2 other forces: male + female, ovum + sperm energy to do their job and get neutralized or balance in a 3rd force namely conception. Conception is in this case the synergy of the reconciliatory forces between male/female, mother/father, or the reconciliatory synergy/outcome of energy + matter into the 3rd force of Information. Information is the 3rd force that formulates the worlds of matter and energy or to put it differently matter and energy get united within information. The question to ask here is: What is the quality of energy+matter=information that allows wings to sprout? The first triad gives birth to all successive triads. That is why the first trimester is the most crucial of all three during pregnancy (Lake). At conception, the supreme active force (energy) connects with the supreme passive form (matter) and the supreme 3rd force (information) appears and diffuses with the duty to allow the appearance of an evolving intelligence. What follows is a reflection. Like a fractal structure. As these triads follow each other, the 3rd force (information) gradually weakens and the result is that there is a decrease in the initial intelligence. Every new triad produces its own message, its own information for the triad that follows –more or less like a broken telephone. The more we distance from the conception moment the initial information weakens in the experience of pregnancy/environment. That’s why it is important to go back to the conception and analyze that moment and the zygote to get higher information for the system. Analyzing the preconception forces (egg + sperm) will help us comprehend the essence of their synergy, the 3rd force: zygote. Minimizing factors that weaken information during pregnancy will allow the system to keep high quality information from fall into oblivion and in a similar way we can reinforce those factors that weaken the low information at the beginning so that through gradual weakening of the low the higher will appear. Shocks and Triads:

1st shock Intention > conception
Events/experience> 0-3 months
Alchemy > 3-6 months where the event and the perception mix together. Perception >6- 9 months
2nd shock The environment > labour
The triad: Prepare + Do + Manifest is obvious too and it stands true for all phases: Prepare for the conception + Do (the act of love-making) + Manifest (conception of a baby).

Then a new cycle:
Preparation >Pregnancy + Do >labor +Manifest >The child is born And then a new cycle again:
I do and I see what I do get together
In this direction we also need the following 3:
what we can know
What we can experience
What we can inform (put in form)
We could also see the 3 cycles of 3 as a cycle of 9 during the time preconception to labor. 1. Preparation > 2. selection (it follows the intention of what is to be the outcome >3. connection > 4. mechanical process(in pregnancy 4 refers to the biological process and science deals with it) > 5. transformation In pregnancy it refers to the merging of consciousness emotional and mental levels and art deals with it. Stages 4 and 5 is the alchemical stage, the mixing stage > 6. transition (death as birth) >7. the emergence of the new > 8. consolidation > 9. closure of the old and entrance to the memory (labor and birth)> new cycle CONCLUSION

All knowledge we have had so far concerning the beginnings of life is incomplete. And this uncertainty in the field is impossible to decrease as, the more we go in depth of understanding the semantics of life, the more we realize the new depths of understanding that lie in front of us. As A.G.E. Blake says: “You will never discover the borders of a soul, even if you walk every path, even if you travel all possible journeys. That deep logos is”.

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