The Roman Catholic Church

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Roman Catholic and Protestant tradition
The traditions of the Roman Catholic Church have been around for an extremely long time. The Roman Catholic Church and Protestantism both agree on many important things of the historic Christian faith. However the rituals and practices are quite different. The rituals and practices of a Roman Catholic Church consist of Mass, Baptism, Confession, receiving Communion, praying the Rosary, Last Rites, and much more. Whereas Protestantism was formed in the 16th century when it was separated from the Roman Catholicism during the Reformation. Many faith groups split from the Roman Catholic Church during the Protestant Reformation due to its strict structures and theological differences between other believers....

The Catholic Church places ultimate authority in the pope and Magisterium. Under the Catholic Church, confessing your sins must be to God and through the priests. These practices have been created since 315AD. The Catholic Church strongly believes the means of salvation consist of getting baptize, confessing your sins, and you must have a relationship with Jesus. Also, the Catholics have the concept of the seven sacraments. Catholicism teaches that only the Catholic Church can interpret the bible in a proper way. It is evident that the Christian traditions and practices are kept in...

Over the years, the two churches have grown farther apart with its practices and unifying with another is harder than ever. The terms are used in different way and this is an explanation of why there are so many misunderstandings between one another. The Roman Catholic Church views the Protestants as Christians knowing only part of the truth. However, Protestants believe that some Catholics are not Christians. Although their beliefs are different, its Christian history and faith remain constant.
In the end, the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church are still two essential groups of Christian church. Their faith for Christ Jesus is the “root” and a principal. Even with its differences, I believe they are able to unify one day to share their different beliefs of one another. It is now a new world of faith with all the changes in society. It is time to understand that the Christian faith be practiced in different ways as...
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