The Role of Engineers in Society

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POST 1: Role of Engineers in Transforming the Society
------------------------------------------------------------------ Topic: Role of Engineers in Transforming the Society

Ø to open an issue exploring the roles of engineers in transforming our society Ø to gather data regarding the past and present roles and significant contributions engineers have played and made in and to Philippine society Ø to thoughtfully consider the relevant emerging roles and functions of an engineer in transforming our present and future society (a personal assessment based on relevant facts gathered)

Focus: roles the engineer play on impacting society onto transformation and positive changes in the fields of government, public administration, leading roles in non-governmental organizations, breakthrough sciences, business, and the like…

Elections are here yet again. Politicians promising political, economic and social reforms spring up left and right. This is the light in which social formation, reformation, transformation and change are most viewed. However, a very important yet seldom seen sector is the engineering sector largely hidden in the profit-driven industry sector.

I believe that good leaders are not only found seated on political offices, the same way that good engineers are not only found seated on manufacturing plants. The government is not the sole body responsible for effecting positive changes in our society. The engineering sector is not and should not be bound by the four walls of a plant.

It is with these in mind that I would personally like to explore the various roles and functions of an engineer in forming and transforming the society. I believe this would contribute not only to a personal understanding but to an awakening of my peers that as we graduate from engineering, our significance of being an engineer is not confined in landing a job in a people-less plant situated in some faraway province. As to what or where that road/role will lead, that is what I am about to find out.

Brief Background:
As I’ve been taking my majors ever since third year, I have been conditioned to learn and understand chemical engineering principles as applied in light of processes in a manufacturing plant. And though that is just appropriate, I still can’t imagine myself making a living off this. ^_^ Surely, there must be something other than this… I wonder, does a chemical engineer, or any engineer for that matter, have a place in the frontlines of effecting positive influences on society towards beneficial changes alongside our nation’s political leaders? How come no (or few) engineers are heard of, or recognized, as really impacting our society? I’m sure there are those out there significantly contributing to how this nation is run, how our society is built and rebuilt. I’ll be on the lookout for them. _____________________________________________

POST 2: Opening the Issue

I’d like to share this article I found in a book. It describes that engineering is a multifaceted and engaging profession and states a few of the reasons why. ------------------------------------------------------------ David E. Goldberg (1995)

“Life Skills and Leadership for Engineers”

Engineering is an Engaging Profession

A creative profession

-as engineers we create that which has never before existed, through a combination of imagination, ingenuity, and perseverance. We therefore have many opportunities to become engaged in the creative processes of idea generation and problem solving.*

A real-world profession

-a profession that requires streetwise application of mind to means. This leads us to recognize that our profession is firmly rooted in the real world.* It forces us to face up to the limitations in our modeling, and it forces us to confront difficult variables that defy analysis – variables such as time, money, consumer preferences, the impact of government, and the impact of technology on...
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