The Roar Book Report

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Thee Book Report
By:Jacob Richard
The title of the book is ​
The Roar.​
The author of the
book is Emma Clayton. It’s a Fantasy,Science Fiction,
Thriller,and Young-Adult fiction. ​
The Roar​was
nominated for the Carnegie and the Yorkshire Coast
Award in two thousand and ten. It was also in ​
Library Association's Lone Star Reading List in two
thousand and ten , and also USBBY Outstanding
International Books Honor List, U.S.B.B.Y stands for
United States Board on Books for ​
The characters are Ellie, Mika, Ellen Green ,his
parents,Tom ,Mal Gorman,Ruben ,Audrey,Kobi ,and Leo.
Mika and Leo live behind a wall​
in the future that keep
them safe from the animal plague. Ellie gets captured by
Mal Gorman. Everyone thinks she is dead but Mika he
thinks she is still dead.They think he is crazy. So they
hire a counselor named Ellen Green. One day at school
they are suppose to drink a Fit Mix as it is called it is to make them bigger and stronger. They are the Youth
Development Program. Mal Gorman is in charge. They
also have a new game called pod fighter, where you are
in a pod shooting down aliens, during that time there is
game and the higher the level you then will go on the
next level. Mika is a good driver, but then is looking for
shooter and he finds and asks Audrey she does agree to
it so the compete in the game.They win and

compete.Then they go to the second level and in also. In
the third level or competition Mika wins them a
apartment in the Golden Turrets where the rich people
live. He also gets hurt shot in the leg with the a harpoon
gun and so his parents want him to stop and go home
which is the conflict he also is in a lot of pain and needs
to recovery while Ellie is stuck with Mel Gorman
imprisoned, and wants to see Mika. Also Ellen Greene
stops seeing him and Mika wants to know but can’t find
out. The Resolution is when Mika wins the game and Ellie
is united with him. They...
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