The Research Problem
Topics: Water, Groundwater, Water cycle / Pages: 2 (301 words) / Published: Jul 10th, 2013

Name: Kimberly Ann B. Magtibay Gr. & Section: VII- Copernicus
Teacher: Mrs. Ma. Teresita Abcede Date: November 8, 2012
At the end of the activity, you should be able to observe how water flows through different soil materials and find out which soil or rock materials are aquifers or aquitards.
* 3 cylinders (like a 500 mL graduated cylinder, but without graduation) * Sand * Clay * Gravel or pebbles * 3 20 mL colored liquid * timer
Time allotment: 40 minutes 1. Label the cylinders as A, B and C. 2. Assign members of the group to be the timer and observer while somebody performs the activity. 3. Put sand in cylinder A, gravel/ pebbles in cylinder B, and clay in cylinder C. 4. When the timer is ready, pour the first cup of colored liquid into cylinder A. Start timing as soon as the liquid is poured into the cylinder. 5. Observe how the liquid flows through the sand. 6. Stop timing as soon as the liquid reaches the bottom of the cylinder. The liquid will not be equally distributed in the sand. As soon as one part of the bottom gets wet, stop the timer. 7. If the liquid has not reached the bottom in 15 minutes, stop timing.

DATA AND RESULTS Compare sand, pebbles, and clay. Draw what you observe and write these observations on the chart below.

Sand- Pebbles- Clay-

Cylinder (Soil) | Observations | A (sand) | | B (pebbles) | | C (clay) | |

QUESTIONS 1. How fast (or slow) did the liquid reach the bottom of the cylinder? Soil | Time (seconds) | A | | B | | C | |

2. Which of the materials used form aquifers? Which form aquitards?

CONCLUSION 1. What are the implications of having aquitards in the water cycle?

2. What kinds of rock form

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