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Youth Rehabilitation Order
The Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) is a generic community sentence for young offenders and combines a number of sentences into one generic sentence. It is the standard community sentence used for the majority of children and young people who offend. It simplifies sentencing for young people, while improving the flexibility of interventions. The YRO came into effect on 30 November 2009 as part of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. The YRO represents a more individualised risk and needs-based approach to community sentencing, enabling greater choice from a 'menu' of requirements. Practice guidance for youth offending teams

We have produced non-statutory practice guidance for YOTs on the YRO and other youth justice provisions of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008. It outlines the YRO and other key youth justice related provisions of the Act to enable YOT practitioners and managers to understand these legislative changes and prepare for their implementation. The YRO (repost only)

The following requirements can be attached to a YRO:
* Activity Requirement
* Curfew Requirement
* Exclusion Requirement
* Local Authority Residence Requirement
* Education Requirement
* Mental Health Treatment Requirement
* Unpaid Work Requirement (16/17 years)
* Drug Testing Requirement
* Intoxicating Substance Misuse Requirement
* Supervision Requirement
* Electronic Monitoring Requirement
* Prohibited Activity Requirement
* Drug Treatment Requirement
* Residence Requirement
* Programme Requirement
* Attendance Centre Requirement
* Intensive Supervision and Surveillance (based on the current ISSP) * Intensive Fostering
For more information on the drug-related requirements of the YRO see: frequently asked questions document produced by the YJB and National Treatment Agency. The following community sentences are replaced by the YRO: * Action Plan Order

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